Online Coaching

Reach your goals with a custom program that will be tailored to your needs and balance your lifestyle.


Working with Precision Nutrition, our Online Coaching packages are a perfect fit for anyone who has a goal they are striving to obtain and want an experienced Coach to not only take the guess work out but also speed up the process.

All of our fitness and nutrition programs are designed around your time and your schedule – they fit YOUR lifestyle.

"I think what I like most about the program is how easy it is to keep track of and follow my progress. The daily emails with new lessons keep me on track and I can go back and re-read old lessons. The daily lessons make sense and are easy to think about throughout the day as I make my food choices. When I start a new two week cycle of a new habit, it can be challenging at first but after a couple days it starts to become second nature. My daily routine has changed but I don't even notice it anymore - it's become a part of me as I place it as a priority. As I go grocery shopping I have a new mindset and my cart is filled with healthier choices. And the result of those choices is a healthier & happier me. Over the time I've been doing the nutrition program my body has become healthier; I've lost some weight, I have more energy overall, I eat better meals, I don't skip meals, and I hardly ever snack anymore. I now feel confident in the choices I'm making (and that to me is #1)."

- Julianna

What's Included:

  • Habit Based Nutrition Coaching

    A complete guide to nutrition, based on your goals, with information on how to make it a part of your balanced and healthy lifestyle.

    We don’t do fads, crash diets, or put a restriction on certain foods.

    Through lessons, assignments, and daily habits:

    - We help clients find the right mix of foods for their goals, lifestyle, and preferences.
    - We show them how to make meals suitable for them.
    - And we help them stay consistent.

    However, we go much deeper than just the food. We also dig into:

    - Food behaviors (food timing, meal frequency, meal speed, and food amount).
    - Food attitudes (food views, restriction vs. abundance, disordered thinking).
    - Stress management (in general, how it relates to food).
    - Rest, recovery, and sleep (in general, how they relate to food).
    - Outlook (confidence, resiliency, mastery, and growth mindset).

    We’ll set you up to succeed no matter how busy you are, how much you travel, or how many social activities you have.

  • Assessment


Initial online intake assessment.

    Ongoing intake assessment and communication with your coach to determine all the variables that will ultimately bring you continued success and the most effective program.

    Ongoing support through unlimited e-mail access to Coach.

  • Custom Fitness Plans

    A custom and detailed plan outlining your specific warm up and training routine will be provided to you.

    Revisions are made every 4 weeks or as needed based on progression and weekly check ins.

    Please note these programs are set up to complete either at home or a public gym of your choice. To train with a coach at our facility check out Performance Centre Memberships or Personal Training.

  • Weekly E-Mail Check-in

    A series of specific questions your Coach will ask depending on your program.

    An opportunity to provide accurate information to allow your Coach to make any necessary revisions to your program.

    Full video analysis of lifts to provide proper feedback during check-ins.



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  • Online Nutrition Coaching

    3 Month Term
  • Online Fitness Coaching

    3 Month Term
  • Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

    3 Month Term