Corporate Wellness

Improving HEALTH. Boosting MORALE. Building TEAM.

Our purpose behind these services is to provide your employees with valuable information that can be used to improve their lives, both at work and home. Research shows that regular exercise and improved nutrition supercharges mental circuits to beat stress, sharpen thinking, boost memory, increase productivity, and improve mood.

Your custom corporate wellness package will reduce sick time, lower chronic pain associated with repetitive use injuries, boost productivity, and increase employee morale through demonstrating your proactive approach to valuing their wellness.

Services Available

  • On Site Presentations

    Members of our Coaching Team will develop and present a custom presentation relevant to your needs. Length and topics are completely flexible - we will work with you to determine the best layout for your company. This may include a heavier focus on nutrition and some aspects of fitness or it may focus more on stretches to help with common workplaces strains and then touch on some aspects of goal setting.

    Topics: Nutrition, Fitness, Strength, Mobility, Mindset, Goal Setting, Habits

  • On Site Informational Booth

    Members of our Coaching Team will set up at your company for a period of time to allow employees to stop by and talk about any aspects of fitness, nutrition, or mobility. Our Coaches will be prepared with relevant hand outs and demonstrations specific to your overall company needs such as workplace nutrition or tips to avoid common workplace repetitive use strains. This option is best done following a live presentation or soon after releasing company branded handouts or videos.

  • Team Building Workouts at our Facility

    Exercise is a great way to build team morale and have fun! Our programs are completely custom and scaled to each persons needs making it perfect for a beginner. Schedule a session as a great way to break the routine and get some activity in. You'll be lead by our coaching team through a variety of fun and exciting exercise stations. These sessions can be scheduled as a one time event or as an ongoing session.

  • Company Branded Handouts

    Our information handouts will be branded with your logo and clearly and simply address your needs. This could be a stretching routine for employees to implement to assist with overuse or repetitive use injuries. Another example would be a nutrition info handout covering the benefits of workday food choices with easy to apply tips for food shopping and preparation. Goal setting resources are also a great way to demonstrate your value in employee wellness!

    Topics: Nutrition, Fitness, Strength, Mobility, Mindset, Goal Setting, Habits

  • Company Branded Videos

    Our custom videos will be branded with your logo watermarked throughout the entire video. These videos are a great idea to help employees implement a strengthen and mobility program relevant to their job. This would cover the "what, why, and how" of easy to do, at work or at home, exercises and stretches to avoid or fix common workplace injuries or strains from overuse and receptive use tasks.

    Topics: Fitness, Strength, Mobility

  • Cafeteria and/or Vending Consultation

    Our Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches will work with you to help establish a nutrition conscious workplace. Depending on what you currently have in place this process could be done in steps to avoid overwhelming change for your employees. While creating a nutrition conscious workplace we will provide and present educational resources to help explain and demonstrate the benefits of improved nutrition choices.

  • Health Assessments

    Set up in your workplace to run employee health assessments to include all or some of:

    - Body fat %
    - Weight & Height
    - Blood pressure
    - Girth measurements
    - Flexibility (range of motion)
    - Aerobic heart rate test

    We’ll work with you to determine the most appropriate tests for your workplace needs.

An example of Corporate Wellness could be having us create custom company branded hand outs or videos, having us set up in a common area for employees to stop by and talk, having us present to all or a portion of your employees, or even a combination of these things.

It all comes down to time availability, what best suits your employees, and what will meet your needs as a company. We will work with you to determine the exact services to meet those needs and allow you to provide maximum value to your employees.