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Allegiance Winter Strongman Competition 2015

Written by Evan on

On Saturday, January 31, 2015 I competed in the Allegiance Fitness Winter Strongman Assault in Minneapolis, MN. I have been competing in strongman in Manitoba for a few years, but this was my first competition in the USA and the furthest one from home that I have done to date. In this blog post I […]

Free Weights: Any Age. Any Time.

Written by Kurtis on

At The Muscle Hut our training philosophy is rooted by foundational free weight strength training. There’s nothing unordinary about this except when you ask me or any of our coaches what we do for someone just starting out or someone of an older age – and our answer doesn’t change. This becomes a completely different […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Written by Kurtis on

There’s a ton of different media floating around right now regarding resolutions. Some motivational in nature and others published for a comical purpose on how it never lasts past the first week or even day of the new year. Here’s my take. No matter what your resolution was, no matter when you made it – […]

Avoiding The Quick Fix: Becoming More Not Less

Written by Kurtis on

All too often I see fitness and nutrition marketed in a way to make you feel guilty about you, your body, or your habits. We’ve become programmed to be obsessed with what we have to lose about ourselves. Most clients that come to us start off with the exact same goals – “I want to […]

Reaching Goals: Motivation or Action

Written by Kurtis on

As a Strength & Fitness Coach I have developed, adjusted and reached goals developed with countless different types of clients. Over the years I’ve found there to be a common factor among anyone with really any type of goal, fitness or not – Motivation. However, it’s how we decide to handle motivation that really determines […]

Uncharted Waters.

Written by Kurtis on

Everyone has a comfort zone in everything they do. This is no different when it comes to fitness. The perks of using a fitness coach, aside from knowing you’re doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time – is it becomes the coach’s job to monitor that comfort zone. Having coached […]

Be Thankful. And Do More Of It.

Written by Kurtis on

On Tuesday I woke up at 4:00am so I could walk my dog before starting my work day. He’s been getting the short end of the stick for the past couple weeks with me having been away for business and just straight up busy since being back. He’s a big 100 lb german shepherd that […]

Strength Training: You Get Out Of It What You Put Into It

Written by Kurtis on

It’s been a busy summer here at The Muscle Hut and one of the highlights for me was getting to work with some youth athletes training to build strength and increase conditioning heading into this hockey season. Having worked with a wide range of client types over the years I’ve seen the different factors that […]

Squats For Days And Days And Days

Written by Lisa on

Lately the women’s class has been such an encouragement to me as a coach and trainer.  Some of the women who have been coming for several months now are seeing some pretty amazing progress and have improved dramatically in strength, technique, and confidence.  And this makes me all kinds of happy! This is my shout […]

What I Wish I Could Have Told You And Now I Am

Written by Lisa on

There is always some level of anxiety and stress when starting something new. Often when I start with a new client it takes a few sessions before they feel comfortable and that nervous look disappears off their sweet face. Here are a few things I’ve often wanted them to know before they start. In no […]