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The Tale of Two Sandwiches

Written by Lisa on

A while back I was having lunch with a friend at Gingerwood Lane. I guess you could say Gingerwood is a bit of a ladies lunching place. My particular lunch happened to be my first meal after a heavy training session. At this point in my training journey my main goal was to gain strength. […]

Commit to be Fit

Written by Evan on

Fitness starts in your mind.  Ask any athlete or fit person what the number one secret is to his/her success at fitness, and their answer will be mindset, more specifically – commitment. Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. Essentially, it means that you are in it for […]

Setting Goals for Success

Written by Evan on

Goal setting plays an important role in many areas of life: career, financial, academic, and is especially useful in physical fitness and athletics. A goal is a level of performance that an individual attempts to achieve. By setting a goal, an individual is recognizing where they currently are and where they want to be in […]

Edge Hockey: Performance Training

Written by Kurtis on

“Where’s the sweat?” “You’ll have to turn it up next tine.” “Are you tired?” Anytime I’ve worked with youth athletes during an In-Season program, these are common questions and statements we hear directed at us as coaches and at the athletes from their parents after each session. Let’s start this out by clarifying one thing […]

From the Heart of a Female Coach

Written by Lisa on

Body image is a huge deal. It’s something women struggle with daily (men do too, but in this post I’m going to be addressing women). I read the other day that women have a ‘self-hate’ moment in the mirror at least once a day. I’m guilty of this too. Why are we so hard on […]

Thankful For You

Written by Kurtis on

I’m extremely thankful for all the members that trust our coaching team with their individual strength, fitness, and nutrition goals. It may not seem like much from our side of the barbell but you can be sure you’re impacting us as coaches in way’s you don’t even realize. I was recently stopped by a client […]

Return To Competitive Strongman

Written by Eric on

On Saturday September 12th, I made my return to strongman competition since competing last in Saskatoon in 2010. I was competing in the Morden Mighty Man. Going in to the competition I felt like I was primed for a top 2 placing in the competition. There were 5 events. Truck Pull, Conans Wheel, Log Press, Farmers […]

The Importance Of Monitoring Progress

Written by Evan on

When we invest in something with our time, effort and money, we expect to see results. When that something is physical fitness, we should be looking at results in three main areas: Health, Performance, and Body Composition. It is important to see all three of these areas as equally important. “Focusing strictly on any one […]

Optimize Your Results

Written by Lisa on

Are you wondering why you are putting in your time at the gym and are not seeing the results you were hoping for? People who see results have one thing in common. Consistency. That has always been the common denominator with the clients I have worked with who have seen the best results. When talking […]

Training For Efficiency: Optimizing Your Return On Investment

Written by Kurtis on

The focus and purpose of training needs to be – getting better at training. Training to get stronger, increase mobility, become more conditioned, and improve functional day to day activities needs to be your focus and purpose. Exercising or training aimlessly to simply raise your heart rate and burn calories gives you an extremely low […]