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Edge Hockey Off-Season: Final Training Block

Written by Evan on

Our Edge Hockey athletes are one week into their final training block, which focuses on power, speed, conditioning and agility. They have been putting in the work for their off-season training at the Muscle Hut Performance Centre in Winkler. Strength work has shifted to more unilateral movements, working on balance and stability, such as the […]

Why Pre-Season Conditioning for Hockey?

Written by Kurtis on

Another hockey season has arrived. After working with different athletes over the years you can always spot the ones who’ve put in some work to prepare for the season. It shows not only in their on ice speed, strength, and mental awareness, but also in their recovery and ability to jump right into a busy […]

Do The Work

Written by Eric on

What are your goals? We all have them… Are they to lose weight? Build muscle? Become more athletic? These are all great realistic goals to have, but they do have one thing in common. Work. You have to do the work! Plain and simple. No one is going to hand you anything in life. Anything […]

Benefits of Off Ice Conditioning for Hockey

Written by Eric on

Off ice conditioning for hockey will have a tremendous carry over to your on ice game. In this short blog I will go over some of the benefits of what off ice conditioning can do for you and your game! You simply cannot train the same way during the pre-season as you would during the […]

One Step At A Time

Written by Cody on

Too many people I think seem to only look at the really big picture and not focus on the small things that add up to make that big picture. What I mean by that is, if you were to undertake a nutrition program let’s say, if you look at the whole thing altogether it looks like […]

5 Reasons Kids’ Fitness Matters

Written by Evan on

In a time when physical activity has taken a back seat to sedentary living, video games and social media, here are 5 reasons why kids’ fitness matters. 1) Kids’ Fitness Programs offer an Alternative to Organized Team Sports For parents that have kids playing in sports, it’s easy to see the benefits that come along […]

Altona Edge Hockey Conditioning Camp

Written by Eric on

Starting the first week in September Edge Athletics will be running a Pre-Season conditioning camp in Altona. There will be two sessions per week along with age specific groups and times. What can you expect from this camp? First off, we will be implementing a team building atmosphere while building chemistry amongst the athletes. They’ll […]

Muscle Hut: The Difference.

Written by Eric on

For many years I have trained at various public gyms. When I applied to be a Strength Coach here at Muscle Hut back in September of 2014, I was already aware that Muscle Hut was a completely different experience for fitness in this area. For all of you reading this blog who don’t know Muscle Hut, […]

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Written by Kurtis on

Pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone can be a REALLY scary thing! We all want to feel successful. When we set a goal or take on something that is unfamiliar to us or that we have never done before, FEAR starts to creep in. Our minds create these stories that most/all of time are […]

The Tale of Two Sandwiches

Written by Lisa on

A while back I was having lunch with a friend at Gingerwood Lane. I guess you could say Gingerwood is a bit of a ladies lunching place. My particular lunch happened to be my first meal after a heavy training session. At this point in my training journey my main goal was to gain strength. […]