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Creating YOUR Mission For Success

Written by Evan on

I have never been too keen on setting ‘New Years Resolutions’, simply because I don’t see why we should let the time of year dictate when we improve our lives (this should happen consistently throughout the year). People grow. People change. And this causes goals to change, as well. Only setting goals once a year […]

What Makes A Good Workout?

Written by Kurtis on

Tired? Sweaty? Sore? None of these things are measurable, and more importantly none of them are indicators of a good workout. You will most likely experience all these things at some point, in various degrees of intensity during your training program, but none of them will tell you about your progress. So how do you […]

Give Me What YOU Can

Written by Kurtis on

I’ve seen defeat too many times in the gym. That look of “I can’t”. Sometimes it’s lack of vision into your potential like I talked about in my last post. But all too often it’s because you see someone else doing more, doing it faster, doing it better. Compared to what though? Unless they’re doing […]


Written by Kurtis on

Potential: ‘having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.’ We all have it. Others will see more potential in you, than you do in yourself. I see it every day when you think you can’t lift that extra 5 pounds or go that extra 10 seconds. I know you […]

Total-body Workouts for the Win

Written by Evan on

Not everyone has the time or desire to train like a body builder, splitting each workout into separate muscle groups in the endless pursuit of increasing muscle mass. But, I think it is safe to say that everyone would like to have a body that moves freely without pain. And, beyond that, I think most […]

Training For LIFE

Written by Evan on

Everyone has their own mentality about working out, for some it is the highlight of their day, while for others, it is something that just needs to get done to obtain/maintain good health. For most people, though, especially when first starting out, exercise will likely generate more negative thoughts than positive. This seems to be […]

What Is Good Nutrition?

Written by Evan on

If you ask a hundred different people what “good” or “healthy” eating means, you’ll likely get a hundred different answers! For some, it would mean focusing on eating more protein and less carbohydrates; for others, it would mean cutting back on sugary desserts; increasing fruit and vegetable intake; reducing saturated fats; limiting processed foods…or a […]

The Progress Checklist

Written by Evan on

We have all been there, the same weight that felt light as a feather last week, feels like a tonne at the next workout; the 2 km on the rower that you once breezed through, now takes everything you got to finish. Perhaps you were making dramatic progress with your body composition goal and now […]

3 Reasons Why All Hockey Players Should Strength Train

Written by Eric on

Hockey is a non-stop battle, where athletes must possess enough motor coordination to hit with precision, enough explosive strength for executing powerful hits, and enough stamina to outlast the competition. With high aerobic and anaerobic demands hockey is a sport that requires its athletes to have well-developed structural strength for success. 1. Better Acceleration and Agility  Strength […]

Working Out Doesn’t Interest Me

Written by Kurtis on

Do you find yourself wondering why you would join a gym or a fitness program if you aren’t currently interested in working out? That is a completely normal feeling and one I can totally empathize with – that would be like me joining a class or program doing something I didn’t enjoy or wasn’t interested […]