Supporting you to become the best version of yourself.

"I came to Muscle Hut because I knew I needed to get back in shape and wasn't having any luck on my own. I also wanted to include some weight training in my workouts.

It is always a little intimidating to join a new place. I also had never done the type of weight lifting in the workouts at the muscle hut. The small class sizes and friendly coaching made it comfortable right away though.

I have already surpassed my goal/expectations for weight loss and feel way more healthy and have more energy. I also have increased my core strength and the back pain that I had for quite a long time is gone. I have more energy and so can handle stress/long work days much easier.

Basically overall things are much better. Feeling healthy/having more energy and less stress help all aspects of daily life!

I have learned that I am still capable of being athletic/fit and pushing myself physically even though this hasn't been a part of my life for many years.

Because of the time pressures of my work schedule I had to make this a priority and make some adjustments to make sure there was time for my workouts. There is time to make fitness a priority but it did take some changes and a different mindset - but it has been worth it.

My favourite part is that the workouts are challenging and have a good variety. My least favorite thing is just getting up early in the morning as I am not a morning person but once I am there I feel great.

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need some help/guidance for getting back into shape or for some help with motivation as I find the class format and coaching helpful.


I came to Muscle Hut because I really wanted to see if this "fitness" lifestyle could be for me. I knew so many people who had gotten into different types of healthy lifestyles and I could see how their lives were changing for the better. I wanted to have that same change.

My biggest hesitation in joining was definitely my own standards. I pre-judged what other people would think of me and I was worried I wouldn't "fit in". As soon as I started coming though I realized each and every person who walked through the door was different, and that's what makes this place so amazing. We all have different goals/dreams/aspirations and it's so fun to see people achieving them and we can celebrate the victories together.

The physical benefits would include inches/weight loss, increased strength, better endurance overall.

I am now able to deal with stress soooo much easier. My job is very high stress and it's great to be able to work it off in a healthy way and overcome those obstacles. I feel like a calmer person most of the time now and just more at ease. I would also say my sleep has improved.

I've been able to improve my cooking skills and learn new healthier recipes. I have priorities for myself now and I stick to them.

I've learned that I'm always going to be learning. I am constantly surprising myself with new things I never thought I would be able to accomplish and some days I just can't believe that this is my life now. I love it that I love to exercise. I love knowing that what I'm doing is good for my body and fun at the same time.

I was a little worried about the time commitment at first, but very quickly after signing up I realized where my priorities were and they shifted almost effortlessly as working out became a new priority and other things (let's be honest, Netflix binging shows) became much less important.

My favourite thing about coming is probably the community! There is such a wonderful bunch of individuals that make up what is The Muscle Hut and if it weren't for all the other members and coaches who are so supportive and encouraging, it wouldn't be what it is. Also, Trap Bar Deadlift days <3 Least favourite - 15 rep day of Front Squat and Romanian Deadlifts........ I would recommend Muscle Hut to anyone who needs the extra push and motivation to start a healthier lifestyle. This is a place where anyone can come to at any fitness level and be able to do the workouts.


I came to Muscle Hut because I wanted to lose weight!

I have more strength, mobility, and endurance.

I have improved self confidence, positive attitude, and less stress.

Fitness has also improved my work, parenting, rec activities, and being a husband.

I've learned that I can be disciplined, work hard, I love working out. I can get up at 530 a.m. to get to the gym.

I was somewhat concerned about the time commitment but I've adjusted when I go because it's a priority for me and I'm a better person when I go. So I make sure I get my workouts in. Even at 6:00 am.

My favourite thing about coming is not planning, being pushed beyond where I would stop. Being praised for accomplishments.
Least favourite....I don't have one. Maybe burpees😉

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need motivation. To get healthy. To know what to do.


I came to Muscle Hut because I hadn't been going to the gym since I finished university and wanted to get back into it. I knew someone who was coming to muscle hut, so I tried a work out with them and signed up.

My biggest hesitation in joining was that I wasn't sure if my schedule would flow well with having regimented classes. They offer enough class times that I can make it work no matter what.

I've had increase in strength for sure. Less body aches and pain, better posture.

My self confidence had gone way up. Being in that environment where every one has a common goal and we are all going through the same workout, you get to build comradery for that hour.

I sleep better now, more restful. The nutrition stuff has helped me to stabilize and refine a diet that works for me too.

I've learned that I have the ability and strength to do a lot more than I ever thought capable of.

Fitness and physical activity was always a big part of my life, the muscle hut had allowed me to take the natural competitive nature and drive to succeed and internalize it into arriving for PRs and self motivation.

My most favourite thing about coming is seeing what I can do today that I couldn't before that day.

My least favourite is early wake up, or when no one noticed the music had stopped.

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need a fun, safe environment to build, grow or enhance their fitness and physical activity levels.


I came to Muscle Hut because I wanted to improve my strength & mobility. I needed some disciplined exercise, and motivation to keep exercising!!

My biggest hesitation in joining was working out in front of others and wondering if I'd be able to do what was being asked of me.

I LOVE my classes at the Muscle Hut! I think it was my third or forth class when I was attempting a new challenge and from across the room I hear someone cheering for me. Someone I had barely met. Or on another occasion I had a long time attendee congratulate me on a job well done after a class, with more encouraging words. Not only did I feel like I could "just be me", I felt good about being me :). I could do this!!😊😊

Stairs are easier for me. This may sound nuts but I can cut my toenails with out pain. (That likely needs an explanation but I'll leave it at that :)). I'm stronger overall. My body feels more toned. Thinks are shifting, in a positive way ;)

I'm feeling better in my own skin; gained self confidence. I have realized there's so much I can still do, and the things I can't, there's modifications that work for me! Muscle Hut is a happy place for me!! Great coaches, great people, great place!!

I've made new friends. I always love making friends :). I'm finding new energy. It feels great being a part of something like the muscle hut. I used to enjoy going to the gym years ago but I didn't have leadership & guidance and ended up hurting myself. I found out I can still enjoy a gym experience!! I also love encouraging others and helping people find joy. The muscle hut is one more place I can attempt to do this, which in turn brings me joy :)

I'm physically stronger than I thought :). Exercise used to be something I felt I HAD to do. Now I look forward to my classes and have learnt many tools to improve my exercise at home as well as my daily living. ie caring for grandkids, working around the house, even making my bed is less of a chore :)

I was a little concerned about the time commitment. One more thing I had to do. The benefits far outweigh the time commitment.

My most favourite thing about coming is how I feel as a whole, mentally, physically, emotionally.

I don't know if I have a least favorite. Beside Eric quitting :).

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need a physical, mental, psychological pick me up. To people who need accountability, encouragement & motivation. To people who think they can't exercise. There is something for all of us!!

Ps. I have multiple sclerosis, and definitely have limitations, but the muscle hut has given me new hope and inspiration.


I came to Muscle Hut because I saw an ad on Facebook about a metabolic kickstart class. It was within my budget so I decided to try it out.

My biggest hesitation in joining was my preconceived ideas about the gym experience. Fed by attempting the gym years ago and finding it intimidating and uncomfortable. Once I joined and got a chance to be a part of the small classes with encouraging couches and people of all different levels of experience it eased my worry and has made the learning experience fun!

I am stronger. I love that my endurance has increased as well. All around I feel better. I have lost inches and that is amazing, however I am finding I am more proud of my increased strength and endurance.

Getting out of the house is difficult when you are a mom of young kids, at least for me. Having a place to three times a week to interact with adults and exercise is a must for me. I feel more connected to my family and feel proud of my accomplishments.

My relationship with food has improved a lot since starting. I still enjoy it, because food is awesome, I just find it is not as much of a crutch now.

What I have learned about myself is that I am capable of working out and being strong even if I’m not as young as I used to be.

I was a bit concerned about the time commitment of going to the gym. My view changed when I realized that if I love doing something it is much easier to find the time.

My most favourite thing about coming is the coaches, the other members and the fun atmosphere are probably my favourite things about coming. My least favourite would be...that I can’t come as often as I’d like.

I would recommend muscle hut to people who want to feel better about themselves and want to try a fun and engaging workout! Definitely the ungym experience!


I came to Muscle Hut because my wife wanted to come to an open house workout and I went along to support her. I hadn’t planned on actually joining her for a workout.

I saw how much fun everyone was having and I had to jump in! For some reason it reminded me of gym class when I was a child.

I always enjoyed gym class when I was a kid, but I could never see myself running on a treadmill or lifting weights for long periods of time. It just looked boring.

When we did the different strength & conditioning circuits at the open house, I saw that there were a wide variety of exercises. There was cool stuff like battle ropes, a prowler sled, and some tire flipping!

I felt like I was in some urban gym with all kinds of unorthodox equipment that secretly trained you way better than machines could.

I have had 2 success sessions now and I’ve gained inches on my chest, biceps, and legs. I’ve lost inches from my waist.

There’s definitel a noticeable difference after only 5 months!

The other day my wife & kids were cleaning up some chunks of concrete beside our garage. They couldn’t lift one big piece and came inside to ask for my help. I got into my deadlift stance and picked it up easily! Then I tossed it into the back of our truck and felt a huge sense of accomplishment.

One thing that stands out to me, is that I can power through fatigue or a challenging exercise if I win the battle in my mind first. Even though my body is tired, I can push past it.

The encouragement from all of the coaches and the other members of the group I’m exercising with really help my confidence and build my self esteem.

The foods I eat have also improved due to the nutrition coaching that’s included at Muscle Hut. I’m getting more protein so my body can build and repair itself quicker and better. I’m eating more vegetables too.

Lately, I’ve learned that I really enjoy the Cardio Kick Boxing, which reminds me of when I was into boxing about 10 years ago. I’m also thinking of taking the Brazilian Jui Jitsu class.

I have learned that I wasn’t in the best shape of my life 10 years ago. I’m in the best shape of my life right now and I still haven’t peaked yet!

I was mildly concerned about the time commitment, but I decided that this was a permanent lifestyle change, not just a temporary fad that I would quit after a while.

Now I find that I miss my workouts at Muscle Hut when we’re away. Other gyms just don’t compare.

My most favourite thing about coming to Muscle Hut is hitting new personal records in some the lifts and beating my previous best time in certain exercises.

My least favourite thing is doing wall sits on a 40/20 day!

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need a group of people to workout together with, a coach who is always there showing you how to do everything, and for people who don’t want to think about which exercises to do on which days.

All of that stuff is done for you! All you have to do is show up.


I came to Muscle Hut because I have unique long-term health requirements the see the need for me to maintain an elevated level of muscle tone, a strict and prohibitive diet and a positive mindset.

My biggest hesitation in starting was not knowing if I’d be capable of acheiving even the most basic goals. I've achieved through-the-roof strength and an improved self image. My long term outlook on life has also greatly improved.

I am generally happier and far less concerned about my future wellness.

I feel as though I’m a more effective parent and leader.

I have learned that I can do anything with enough work, the right coaching and support.

My most favourite thing about coming is the camaraderie, coaching, and unified team setting.


I came to Muscle Hut because I was feeling like I wasn’t strong enough to do my job and was afraid I would get hurt and not be able to pick up my grand babies.

My biggest hesitation in joining was that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I found the coaches to be patient and willing to help me get stronger and conquer things I found challenging like box jumps I also found it refreshing that they care about my goals not necessarily to make me fit into a typical gym body mold.

I feel like I am strong enough to lift heavy things and not be afraid to get hurt. I am enjoying my grandchildren and can get down on the floor to play.

I feel less stressed.

The biggest thing is feeling more settled with my life and my body. I am happier with who I am and how I am living my life

I have learned that I am strong and enjoy a community that supports each other.

I still struggle with getting out of bed early but had reached a point where I didn’t want to start anything that I couldn’t do for the rest of my life I wasn’t looking at it as a short term solution but a long term commitment.

My most favourite thing about coming is the people and the variety in the workouts.

My least favourite thing is getting out of bed and burpees.

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need to be able to keep moving when they get old or just want to feel better.


I came to Muscle Hut because I had back surgery a few years back and I had not done anything to stay in shape because I was scared of hurting my back again. I didn't feel very good because of being so out of shape and I was wanting to change that. A friend convinced me that I should try out Muscle Hut.

My biggest hesitation in joining was that I assumed that Muscle Hut was for people wanting to body build and that I would be out of place.
Once I joined I found that Muscle Hut wasn't for body builders, they had something for everyone and you could work at your own pace and not feel you were holding anyone else back. And that the trainers really care how you are doing, even if you are not striving to be the strongest.

I have found since coming to Muscle Hut that I have far more energy and I no longer have the intense lower back pain I had when I started. I sleep better and my mobility has improved immensely.

I find that I am more mentally alert during the day.

My confidence has improved. And my eating habits have improved, the nutritional help we get is fantastic.

I have learned that I can do a lot more than I thought I ever could as far as exercise, so it has given me confidence to try other things that I didn't think I would be able to do.

I was concerned it would be hard to always go every week and that I would have to give up other activities to fit it in. I have found that the wide range of class times helps me to fit it into my schedule without having to give up any other activities.

My most favourite thing about coming is the friendly people I get to work out with and the great trainers and the feeling I get after a good workout.

My least favourite thing is prowler relays :(

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people that need help in finding what works best for them to get into shape. Any one with mobility issues, or just anyone who needs to feel better about themselves. Everyone at Muscle Hut does so much to make you feel you are doing great even when you don't feel you are, it is a great confidence booster.


I was hesitant to join Muscle Hut, because I was not too sure if I would be able to afford it. After I talked it over with my husband, he asked me if this is something that I would really like to do, and I told him yes. So, I decided to sign up, and jump right in. Once I joined, I was a little nervous, but I was more excited than anything. I felt very welcomed by everyone, and it was just a very friendly atmosphere to be in.

I have been coming to Muscle Hut for a little over two years now, and when I first started, I did not see very many changes, but as time went on I started noticing that I was getting stronger each time that I would come to work-out. I used to have more back pain, but now I have next to none when I work out. I also feel like I have more energy, and can be more active with the children that I work with.

Mentally, I feel more confident, and feel like I can do anything I want to do if I just believe in myself (I'm still working on this one).

I feel that Muscle Hut has helped me to come out of my comfort zone, and to experience new things. This includes being more social, and trying exercises that I have never tried before.

I have learned that it is important to have a positive attitude towards anything you do. This is something that I have struggled with in the past. The Muscle Hut has helped me to realize that it's ok to screw up, as long as you get back up again, and start fresh the next day. I have also learned to read my body, and only do as much as I feel my body can handle when it comes to working out.

My most favorite thing about coming is seeing all the friendly people, and coaches, and seeing how much weight I can lift.

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who would prefer to work out in an environment where there are less people, and where there is more personal coaching.


I came to Muscle Hut because I needed a change. Workout videos and regular gyms weren't working for me and a friend told me about a great opportunity to try the Muscle Hut.

My biggest hesitation was the cost. It's significantly more than a normal gym, but that's kind of the point. There is nothing "normal" about the Muscle Hut. The connections you build with those you workout with and with the coaches is incredible. I was getting a great workout and being pushed more than I ever had before but truly the thing that helped me overcome my hesitations was the atmosphere/people. It was so positive, just being there I couldn't help but smile. Even when I thought I couldn't possibly give it anymore, someone would make me laugh and I'd push just a little further. I have never had so much fun or looked forward to working out as much as I do now.

I'm stronger for sure. The weights I'm lifting now are far above what they were when I started and more than I thought I was capable of. My conditioning hasn't improved as much as I might have liked, but just the other day I rowed 4000m which is nothing compared to some of the distances people do, but for me it was a huge win! I remember when 1000m felt hard, and 2000m seemed impossible.

I'm more confident, more willing to try new things. If I can do some things I never thought I could do at the gym, maybe that applies to more than just my workouts. Maybe I can do more with my life than I thought.

My social life has improved quite honestly. I used to be the person at the gym with headphones in, praying no one talks to me. I just wanted to get in, get it done and get out. But now I'm making friends and getting to know new people. People with different perspectives and interesting stories. People with words of encouragement and people who challenge me.

I've learned that I need community. I used to think I was a bit of a loner. Introverted and liked to be by myself. I think this is still true, but I also know now that I need people in my life who can support me, encourage me and challenge me. And I'm not afraid to admit that I need them. I can't and don't want to do life alone.

There are a lot of options for scheduling classes and I feel that it works really well for me. Even with a kind of crazy schedule I can make time for the workouts.

My favorite thing about coming is the people... and tire flips. All about the tire flips - they make me feel like a badass.
My least favorite thing about coming is burpees (I'm talking to you Evan), although Steven's finishers might be climbing the ladder towards being my least favorite thing. It's okay though, a workout is not complete without doing something I don't like. It's all about growth right? Bear crawl was awful when I first started but I don't hate it anymore. I don't love it but...

I would recommend Muscle Hut to everyone, but especially to those who feel like they need a place to belong. So many people go through life feeling like there is no place where they really fit. Even people who are surrounded my family or friends or co-workers. That was me, but at the Muscle Hut I can be myself and be accepted for exactly that, who I am. It doesn't matter what kind of job I do, or what my marital status is, what I look like or how much money I make. All that matters is that I'm there. I found a place that I fit and I am so grateful for each and every one of the clients/coaches that have made this place so special to me.


"I came to Muscle Hut because I was diagnosed with early detected DCIS Breast Cancer after my regular mammogram in 2015. After surgery and radiation treatment, I decided I wanted to be the healthiest and the strongest and the most energized I could be in order to do what I could do to better my physical and mental health. It was a very stressful time and I needed to "help" myself get to a better place in my life.

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do the exercises - partly because of my inexperience of working with weights in a gym - well honestly from not ever being a gym member. I also thought that since I was already weakened from my surgery and treatment - so how would I ever be strong enough or have the endurance to be able to "compete" or complete a class? I was also afraid of getting hurt. My hubby and I joined at the same time so we encourage and rely on each other to attend the classes. We soon found that the most amazing part was that every class is a coached class - you are never alone fumbling thru the workout having to figure out on your own what you should be doing or how you should be doing it. The coaches are always there by your side to help you work thru the class, to show you the correct technique, and to keep you from getting hurt.

I honestly feel so much stronger than I have ever felt before. There are simple things like lifting a jug of water, twisting open a jar, starting the lawn mower, gardening, shoveling snow - where I can easily notice the difference in my ability. I feel energized - not only after our classes but throughout the week. I am able to go for longer walks and bike rides, and am not as breathless and/or exhausted when doing cardio work. I notice how much stronger I am when attending my yoga classes and attempting the different poses, and my balance has also improved. I am not as self-conscious about my weight and particularly my waistline - by no means am I where I want to be yet but there are noticeable changes which help to give me incentive to keep going.

I feel less anxious about my cancer diagnosis and less stressed in general now that I have been spending time at The Muscle Hut - I feel more in control of my own health. I believe joining the gym has also been a great confidence builder - I am proud of myself for taking on this experience of working out, meeting new people, and challenging myself. I am a gym member - something I never dreamed of!

I often experienced the problem of restless legs syndrome, especially at night time, but thankfully this has disappeared. I also have noticed a more restful night's sleep. It also feels really good to be using my spare time to better myself. By physically challenging myself, and by putting in the work consistently, I can feel the benefits. I am becoming stronger and with that becoming a fit and happier person. I have dropped a few pounds and lost several inches which is motivating me to continue. I love that this is an activity that my hubby and I participate in together. My hubby quickly realized that his blood pressure dropped to within the normal range after only a couple months of working out.

I have learned that I am an able person ... that I am not too weak or too old to try something new. I am determined to make a difference in my own life. No matter what happens from now on, I am able to take pride in myself for putting in the effort. I am able to say that I tried my best, I challenged myself, and stayed determined, and persevered. Giving up is not an option. I don't make up so many excuses for not getting up and moving my butt!

One concern was that we need to drive from Altona to Winkler twice/week for our workouts. Since joining we have found that the drive down gives us a chance to chat and connect on how our day went and/or plans coming up, and the ride home is a great time to relax after a workout! It gives us common ground. (We have been known to make an egg run to the Hutterites too!) Does Altona have a gym? Yes ... BUT ... they don't have a gym where you have coached classes, in an age group (55+) that we feel comfortable in, together with other non-gym members who are as inexperienced as we are. We were made to feel comfortable right away and did not feel afraid to give the classes an honest try. There are many options for attending these classes - different days at different times - so we just sign up for the class that works best for us.

I love the feeling I get after the workout is done - I know I have physically challenged my body and I can feel that I have used my muscles. I am sweaty, hot, tired, thirsty but at the same time energized and feeling accomplished. My least favorite thing about working out is probably how grossed out I am for getting so sweaty!

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need the chance to experience a physical workout in an environment that isn't intimidating. "The un-gym experience" is the best definition of The Muscle Hut. It is comforting to know that you have a friendly and knowledgeable coach by your side to help you thru the dynamics of the exercise while explaining the benefits you get for your muscles. I look forward to work out together with our team - all in the same place for the same reason - to better ourselves. The Muscle Hut is more than a typical gym - it's a coached physical training experience for all ages in an encouraging environment that allows for a social connection. Bonus are the options for personal training, KidFit, Edge Hockey, nutrition coaching and education seminars, fundraisers, potluck/workouts, all the supplements you may need, and home/travel equipment available for purchase. (I always pack my bands when leaving on a trip!)"


"I came to Muscle Hut because I work in an office, so I don't get much exercise as is. I always told myself that I could exercise on my own by running or biking, and it wouldn't cost me much. However, I never got into the habit of exercising. I joined the Muscle Hut because they have a very nice structured program to follow. The fact that you have to sign up for classes also motivates me to come, because I like to keep my commitments.

What physical benefits have I seen? Oh boy, where to start. The first thing I noticed was that I could carry myself better. As time went on I could start lifting a lot more, and my endurance while working physically has improved.

After working in an office all day it is really nice to have a place to work out physically. I find it helps to clear my mind and gives me more energy after working out! Being more physically fit also has given me more confidence in myself.

The Muscle Hut is an amazing place to work out! The environment which the coaches and clients create is very supportive, encouraging! It is also fun meeting new people and making new friends.

I have learned that sometimes I can do more than what I think my limit is. I am always glad I went to the gym, especially those days where I have had to drag myself there. Having a healthy lifestyle is so much more than going to the gym a couple times a week. It is a lifestyle. I find it hard to change one's lifestyle, but it is a work in progress which I won't give up anytime soon!

I was a little concerned about how much time it took to go to the gym and work out, but after getting into a routine it is easy to make time.

My favourite part about the gym is working out, and the people I get to interact with.

My least favourite part about coming are the front squats. Don't know what that is? Come and find out!

I would recommend the Muscle Hut to everybody from those who currently exercise to those who have never worked out a day in their lives! I would especially recommend them to the latter group. You feel so much better once you have built up your core muscles a even just a little bit. Don't be afraid to try it out! Everyone is supportive, and more so to those who are just starting. We all know how it feels to start, and want to pass the excitement on to you!"


"I came to Muscle Hut because I knew I needed structure and accountability! I wanted to look after me without excuses. The small class size and scheduled programs enabled me to create a weekly timetable that fit me.

My biggest hesitation before joining the Muscle Hut was not knowing anyone that was a member. My very first day put that concern to rest. Lisa was my first coach and really made that first year amazing. Since then, we have been privileged to learn from the very best. Another bonus was the amazing people that shared your mindset.

Physically, I feel great. I am stronger and have more power than I think I ever have. My energy level has significally improved throughout the day.

I've always had trouble falling and staying asleep. I've noticed a significant difference in the quality of my sleep. I feel like that also helps keep my mind clear and focused.

My energy levels have increased which allows me to be more social and willing to do more than relax after work.

I've learned that I can do more than I give myself credit for. Age is just a number.

I was aware of the time it would take to make fitness a higher priority. It was one of main reasons I signed up originally for a full year right off. It was and still is a mindset.

My most favourite thing about coming is the people and the emotions. Where else can you go starting off possibly tired, move on to anticipation, determination, perseverence, satisfaction, possibly torment and ultimately pride in your accomplishments.
My least favourite thing would be...front squats, or maybe burpees!

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need a qualified coach who listens and helps you become your best you."


"I came to Muscle Hut because I wasn't losing my "winter weight" anymore during the past couple of years. I knew that I needed to make a lifestyle change if I was going to have a good quality of life when I got older.

My biggest hesitation in joining was that I've never been a "gym guy", so I was never motivated to go somewhere and force myself to pump iron. I wouldn't even know where to begin anyway because I don't have a hot clue about what exercises to do and what is the right technique.

When my wife & I attended an open house, I saw that Muscle Hut was different. My exact obstacles to joining a gym were addressed. I could see that I would have guidance on what exercises to do and how to do them properly. Plus, I would never have to remember anything prior to a workout.

I've noticed that I don't get tired as easily doing "normal" things. The weights are also increasing in the gym exercises that I'm doing.

I feel confident that I made the right decision. I have more clarity and focus because I'm starting my day off right. It seems like I have a head start on my work day and I can get more stuff done.

My relationship with my wife is better since we're partners at the gym. We get up together, then go work out together. We can do the same exercises side-by-side, but at different levels which is fantastic.

I learned that I am a "gym guy", but it's got to be the right kind of gym. I really can workout and not get bored because there's so much variety in the workouts.

I was concerned about the time commitment as I knew that this would take extra time from my day and saw a challenge in attending events that might go later in the evening. I knew I would have to get up really early, but the long term tradeoff will definitely be worth it.

My favourite thing is the community that I experience at the Muscle Hut. It really feels like a family.

My least favourite thing is the sore muscles afterwards. I took all of my muscles for granted and now I can feel all of them as I use them throughout the rest of the day. :-)

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need to get into better overall health. It's not about being "ripped". It's about being able to do the things that you need to do every day without struggling or being out of breath.

As a society, we don't do as much hard, physical labour as we used to. Our bodies were designed to work physically, so exercise is critical especially for people who aren't very active in their jobs."


"I came to Muscle Hut because I needed a change and wanted to be stronger.

My hesitation in joining was that I wasn't sure what I was going to get for the amount of money I would be spending. Having a chance to try out the facility and realizing the amount of time and effort put into helping me reach my goals were a huge reason I decided to stay. It's worth every penny!

I've gotten stronger already and feel like I have much more energy! Plus I've lost a few inches where I needed to!

I have more confidence and honestly, as a mom of three young children, this gives me my 'me time' while also benefiting me physically.

My ability to run up and down the stairs without getting winded has been a huge bonus!

I've learned that I really am capable of getting stronger without taking too much time away from my family.

I was concerned about the time commitment but I was happy to learn that even just adding two classes a week has greatly benefitted me.

My favourite thing is that it's my me time, plus seeing and feeling stronger is amazing. My least favourite...that stupid tire :)

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need a new/better gym experience."


"I came to Muscle Hut because I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

My biggest hesitation in joining was that I wouldn't be able to keep up. The one on one coaching for your first class they took the time to show you the exercises and modified it to my limits that I had with my knees.

My pain in my knees is gone and in winter I could lift snow and shovel over my shoulders. I am also more confident.

I have definitely built up my muscles. I've learned I don't have to live with pain.

My most favourite thing is the coaches and the friendliness.

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need help with health issues."


"I came to Muscle Hut because my sister had been going on and on about how I "should just try it" because it's "so much fun there". My biggest hesitation in joining was that I did not like the idea of working out with other people because I didn't like it when other people saw me get all sweaty and gross. Once I joined the Muscle Hut, I realized it really wasn't a big deal because everyone is getting sweaty and no one actually notices or cares.

I feel much stronger than I've ever felt and I actually notice that I have muscles. I make the conscience decision to look at any situation in a positive way, rather than complaining about it.

My eating habits have improved, as the coaching I've received has helped me to become more aware of what I'm actually putting into my body. I've learnt that I'm way stronger than I thought I was.

I was concerned about the time commitment because I felt like I was always busy with work/school/family/social life and that there wouldn't be time for me to fit the gym in. After I started, I realized how much better my body felt and how my mindset was changing and going to the Muscle Hut was something I actually started to look forward to. Once I realized that, it moved higher up on my priority list and I've never regretted that.

My most favorite thing about the Muscle Hut (other than the killer workouts) is all of the coaches, who are always encouraging and pushing me to the max, as well as all the the friends I've made.
My least favorite thing about coming is, well...sometimes it's hard to wake up in the morning if I decide to go early but honestly I don't think I have a least favorite thing about it.

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need guidance and positive encouragement when working out, or people who lack motivation because you will feel motivated at the Muscle Hut."


"I came to Muscle Hut because I wanted to try something new/different and there was a good deal with little commitment so it seemed like a good time to try it. I am SO happy that I did. My quality of life right now would be significantly lower if I hadn't.

When I signed up for the kickstart program I thought that while the others in my class might be less experienced, the regular members would be mostly experienced people and I'd be very out of place but I couldn't have been more wrong. The people that work out at the Muscle Hut come in all different shapes, sizes, and experience levels with many different reasons for being there and I felt completely at home. It was a very welcoming environment.

When I thought of signing up for a full membership, my biggest hesitation was the price. In comparison to the price of "regular" gym memberships, it's really expensive, but when you compare what you actually get out of those memberships, membership at the Muscle Hut is for sure the better value. After that first month I was hooked and knew that I'd figure out a way to keep coming.

I am definitely stronger and more flexible with less soreness after workouts and no debilitating back pain anymore. I am slowly gaining better conditioning as well and realizing that just because I'm breathing heavily doesn't mean I'm done. I have a lot left in me and even short breaks can be enough to re-energize me to push further.

Going to the Muscle Hut has completely changed the way I view health and fitness. All aspects of our health are connected and it's only since going to the Muscle Hut that I've realized how much my efforts to improve my health in one area can affect the other areas as well. I have more hope and confidence in myself, believing that change is possible and attainable. I've realized that I can do more than I would have thought. There are so many things I do now, that I would've thought impossible a few months ago. I love it that mental toughness is such a focus here and that it's not all about how much you can lift. There is so much more to our health than that and the team is so good at supporting that.

Honestly I think my life in general has improved since starting. I'm excited to be a part of the Muscle Hut family, it truly has become an important place for me to connect with other people in positive ways, to encourage, challenge and motivate each other. This positivity carries forward into the rest of my life as well and has changed my perspective.

Again, I have learned that I am capable of far more than I thought. I have learned that just because I'm afraid, or something seems too difficult doesn't mean it's not possible and can be extremely rewarding. I've learned to not beat myself up if I don't measure up to what others can do or even my own expectations. As long as I'm putting in the effort every time, my best is good enough and over time my best will get better and better and that's what's important. The consistent effort, taking risks, trying that new exercise.

I've worked out before so I wasn't super worried that I wouldn't be able to make time for it. It's all about making a choice that this is important and worth making time for. I have to say though, that I love it that the classes are only an hour long, it makes it so easy to fit into my schedule, regardless of how much I have going on and the flexibility of class times is great. It's also so easy to schedule your classes and plan ahead of time. And I can be confident that I will come away from every class having had a really good workout, guaranteed.

My most favourite thing about coming is the people/coaches... and tire flips. I would recommend Muscle Hut to almost anybody. People who are injury prone and need to build up strength to protect themselves against further injury. People who aren't very mobile and need to develop greater flexibility and range of motion. People who are lonely or sad and need some place to feel encouraged and supported, some place they belong. Athletes, stay at home moms, truck drivers, students, kids, grandparents, people who work desk jobs, people who work active jobs. I really can't think of anybody that I wouldn't recommend this place to. It is so much more than a gym."


"I was hesitant to join and start working out with my bulging disc. The coaches are really good at coming up with a different exercise that I can do.

Physically I am stronger. I can do more things and keep up with my kids. Mentally it helps me de-stress from my day.

Other areas that have improved would be my energy. I can deal with things better. More focused on I am doing in that moment.

I've learned I like being stronger. I am addicted to adding weight to my workout - at first it didn't matter to me.

I was concerned about the time commitment as I work full time, have 2 kids and a busy husband. I like making the time. I am thankful that my husband is supportive and helps me make the time.

My most favourite thing about coming is the workout and striving to be better. My least favourite thing is 15 rep days!!!!!

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need the push and the coaching. I wouldn't be where I am if I was people doing this journey on my own."


"I came to Muscle Hut because my friend Selina told me all about how amazing it was. She had been going for a while and was seeing big improvements and told me about the amazing atmosphere and support. I had been working out at home and it was becoming harder to keep it up on my own. Selina told me about how the classes work and how there is a coach who helps you with form and motivates you to keep going! It sounded perfect.

My biggest hesitation in joining was due to the fact that I am (was) not a weight lifter. I've never been incredibly strong, and I didn't know if I was going to be able to do it all. But at Muscle Hut, they meet you where you're at, and start you at your level and then encourage and motivate you to grow. It wasn't long until I felt comfortable there.

I have gained so much by training at Muscle Hut. I am strong, I can help with yard work, my endurance has immensely improved, and I have way more energy than I used to! I'm also more inclined to do further activity outside of my workouts at Muscle Hut because I know I can do it.

I struggle with an anxiety disorder which effects most areas of my life. Training at Muscle Hut has been such a help in dealing with this mental illness, it's amazing! When I was diagnosed, my doctor told me the most important things to keep up for dealing with anxiety were sleep and exercise. It has been incredibly helpful for me to be going to multiple classes a week, giving me energy to get through work and I also have energy to do things in the evening as well. I have found that I do not struggle with nearly the same level of overwhelm since I started taking more classes at Muscle Hut!

I have often struggled with self-esteem, not feeling confident in my body or skin and I have definitely gained confidence since starting. I feel great about myself for doing hard work and seeing results! I recently had my best body composition/success session where I saw huge improvements over the last 3 months and I am so happy and proud of myself for succeeding! I feel healthy and strong and like I can do so much more than I imagined! It feels great!

I have learned that I do not like to give up - which is a great attribute! When I'm tired and I want to quit, a coach is always
there to encourage you to do more than you thought you could. Even when the coach has asked if I want to quit an exercise, I say NO! I don't want to give up! I know I can do it if I just put my mind to it!

I prefer to do my workouts in the mornings and Muscle Hut offers lots of early morning classes. It is wonderful to get my workout done in the morning because I am so ready for the day after class! My blood is pumping, my mind is sharp and I'm focused and ready

My most favourite thing about coming to Muscle Hut is the fact that before I know it, the workout will be over and I will have done so much to improve my health and fitness in that time and not even once thought "when will this be over?"

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need help getting motivated and don't want a typical gym atmosphere. We have such an incredible community at Muscle Hut, the coaches care about you, you make friends in your classes, you learn so much about your health and fitness and gain so much overall. I love that the classes feel like personal training and I love the variety, I never get bored! It has seriously been a life changer, and I would recommend it to everyone!"


"I came to Muscle Hut because my multiple sclerosis is robbing me more & more of my strength & mobility and from the things I heard about the Muscle Hut, I thought it might be the right fit for me and my fight back against this silly disease.

My biggest hesitations in joining were feeling inferior and also the financial cost.

Today would be a perfect example of why my fear of feeling inferior was in vain. I wasn't able to attend my usual class yesterday so I signed up for co-ed strength & conditioning class today, not knowing who else was in my class. As it turned out, the only other person in the class has been going to the Muscle Hut for a year longer than me. My thought was "oh boy" I'll ruin this class for her. But putting my silly thoughts aside, I did what I could, and she did what she could, and it was an awesome class. There was no competition, just friendliness, and encouragement. And of course, Vanessa is always awesome at modifying the scheduled exercises so I can participate and benefit. You never need to feel intimated at the Muscle Hut! We're all there for our own reasons and the sta are awesome at helping us where we're at, all the while encouraging us.

Overcoming the financial concern has been two fold. One, I can not put a dollar value on the benefits I've received so far and I'm super pumped at the benefits to come :), and 2, there are incentives offered to help reduce the cost.

Climbing stairs has improved significantly. I can actually start with my right leg which is a big deal! :) I don't dread stairs anymore.
Picking up grandkids is easier. I'm smarter & stronger. My body is feeling more toned. (I've actually gone in public with a sleeveless shirt !) Simple things like making the bed are easier for me. I'm smarter with movement. I notice positive changes in my body that I didn't think were possible.

I feel good about doing something so positive for myself which in turn benefits my family and others that I love. I feel like I've reached another level in my MS fight. I feel energized, motivated, encouraged and inspired. I feel happy in a new & exciting way. I've met a bunch more super nice people :) I'm learning how to be happier with who I am.

I tried to exercise at home every day even before I started going to the Muscle Hut. I would have thought that having to leave my house to get my workout done would have made my life busier. It's really the opposite. I still work out at home on my "non gym" days, but I feel more organized and structured with my new workout mentality. Working out at the Muscle Hut invigorates me. I'm excited about so many things about it and making time for it is NO problem!

My most favourite thing about coming is that it's my happy pill :). Love the muscles I'm finding :), love the variety of workouts & equipment, love the people! Do not like the prowler!!

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need to gain strength & mobility. For people who need inspiration & people who need motivation. For people who need encouragement. For people
who need to clear their heads and relieve stress."


"I came to Muscle Hut because I wanted to lose weight and do something good for my body! I had previously taken the 6 weeks women's course last summer and really enjoyed it which also motivated me to sign up for a year.

My biggest hesitation in joining was definitely having the time to do it! With volunteering, yard/house work, spending time with friends/family, hobbies... working out was never a priority. After joining and just scheduling my workouts at Muscle Hut and getting them done, I realized it doesn't take much time out of my week at all! It has actually become one of my hobbies!

I am for sure stronger and my back feels great! Working at a desk job then going straight to MH is something I look forward to. I feel like I stand a little taller and I feel more grounded if that makes sense haha.

Working out puts me in a good mood! The coaches and people who are a part of the Muscle Hut are encouraging and that's really infectious. I sleep better and have way more mental energy to go out and do some of hobbies I love to do!

I for sure think more about what I eat and what I am putting into my body. I think of how I need to "fuel" my body and think about what I eat and why I am eating it. Is it because I'm stressed? Or craving? Maybe I am just dehydrated and need more water?

I learnt I can plank for more than 30 seconds which I could never do before working out! I am capable of saying no to my cravings... but a treat every now and then is okay.

My favourite thing would have to be working out with a group of people who all enjoy the MH as much as I do and working to better ourselves together! Least favourite would have to be Steven's terrible puns... (but not really, don't tell him I said that). ;)

I would recommend Muscle Hut to Everyone and Anyone!"


"I came to Muscle Hut because my life had taken a crazy turn when my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia and I no longer had control over my world. I needed a place where "A+B=C", a place where clear cut steps would produce results I could anticipate and yes, you got it "control". I also needed a space to clear my head, exert myself physically, and come back from a fourth baby and a year of eating food that just happened to be there.

My biggest hesitation in joining was time. I didn't have time.
I decided to make it a priority. I don't skip my sessions (except in emergency situations) and as much as I'm able I schedule other appointments around my gym time.

I've experienced so many physical benefits - Lower back strength regained, sciatic nerve pain gone, inches dropped from my waist, thighs, and hips. Fat lost and muscle gained. My favourite might be the muscle definition in my shoulders, arms and back.

I've also experienced mental clarity. Pushing past physical limits requires incredible mental discipline and strength. My life requires both and they progress at the same time my body does.

Other areas that have improved are simple things like fitting back into a pre pregnancy pair of jeans is a self esteem booster. When you feel better about yourself you do better. You smile more. I'm not distracted by what I can or can not fit into each morning but rather I get dressed quickly and move on with my day and focus on what matters. I've also learned that when I think I'm done, I'm not. There's more strength there. I can do more.

My favourite thing is that for one hour the focus is solely on the activity I'm working on and everything outside the gym is on pause. My least favourite thing is the sick twisted conditioner tool called the prowler. Die prowler, die.

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need: Air to breathe. Seriously, men, women, young, senior, I've seen them all there. Health isn't for a special group it's for every single person. Be bold and step outside your comfort zone. Strength goes a long way to improving your quality of life."


"I came to Muscle Hut because of the small class size and the personal training. Physical benefits would be that I sit at work and have no pain in my wrists and arms from computer keying, as well as way more strength and stamina. Mentally I have a positive outlook on myself. I enjoy the atmosphere of working out with others. It is a positive team atmosphere. Other areas of my life that have improved would be better day to day functioning at work and home.

I also have learned a lot about creating positive habits in exercise and nutrition. I really noticed how I was aware of nutrition habits while on vacation. I could make conscious decisions about food and not lose control. I still enjoyed myself but had already trained myself what to look for."


"Feeling so thankful for the Muscle Hut and their awesome staff!! I’ve been going to classes twice a week for two month now. I love how they modify things so I can participate without hurting weakened areas of my body. I love listening and watching as they coach others as well. Nothing is too much for them, Their attitude is so positive and encouraging! Our physical challenges open opportunities for them to help us at whatever level we’re at. What a gift they have been to me!

A couple weeks ago I went for my regular massage (not at the muscle hut :)), and my massage therapist said she could notice better tone and strengthened muscles in my arms & legs! Yay!! Yesterday I had my chiropractic treatment and he also said he noticed the muscles in my back are stronger!! Yay again!! This is a little gravy on top of the gift of climbing stairs better as well as how much easier I find getting up from the floor when I’m playing with my precious grandkids! Even getting up from furniture and walking after sitting for a stretch of time! These are all gifts I don’t take for granted! Just had to share in case someone is struggling physically and wants some help. I think one of the best things is the hope it gives!! Hope for a stronger, brighter, future!! The nutrition training included with signup has been awesome too!

All in all, like my occupational therapist told me at my last visit, the muscle hut is perfect for me. Their style of teaching is perfect for my style of learning! Feeling so blessed!! If I was a hashtag kinda gal, I’d #never give up!!"


"I came to Muscle Hut because I want something different, I was just sick of doing that same old thing. I had been working out at home for over a year and was at a plateau and nothing I could do would budge the scale. My biggest hesitation in joining Muscle Hut was having no experience in weight training. When I got to my first class at Muscle Hut, I felt so welcome and I quickly realized that there are all different fitness levels of people that go to Muscle Hut. Some more experienced and some less experience like I was. The coaches go over each exercise with you and make sure that you are doing correctly to avoid injuries, they also help you to modify when you need.

The physical benefits that I have experienced is that I have so much more energy, I am dropping lbs and keeping it off, my body is transforming into lean healthy muscle. The mental benefits that I have experienced is that I learned I can overcome more that I thought I could, I feel more confident in myself and my ability. I am learning to listen to my body (which I didn't even think to do before).

After starting the nutrition plan that comes with my membership, I have to say, that has changed my total outlook on food, I have always struggled with food... I have learned that food is fuel and that your body will tell you what to eat and what not to eat, it has taught me that I need to experiment with different foods and listen to my body. I decided to try having no sugar (except fruit) for one week, I dropped 11 lbs my first week! I have now made this my lifestyle! The nutrition plan has guided me step by step, and now I feel like I am at the top!!!

I have learned that mentally I am way stronger than I ever thought. During the workouts, I hear that little voice, "You can't do that", but I squash that little voice and do it even harder. I have also learned that it truly doesn't matter what the scale says, it is all about how you feel mentally and physically. I was never concerned about the time commitment, this was something that I really wanted to do for myself.

My most favorite thing about coming to Muscle Hut is not having to worry about what to do! The coaches do everything for you, you just have to show up!

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who want to improve themselves and not want the stress of having to figure out how to on their own. There is a lot of support here!"


"Before I started coming to the Muscle Hut the only exposure I had to "diet" and nutrition programs was what was advertised on TV/social media/magazines etc. All of them had one thing in common - do less work, get great results. The problem with this is it wasn't true for any of the programs and even though I knew that...it still made the next thing seem exciting (until the disappointment kicked in when it would fail). So after time and time again of failing I had lost motivation to even try again because all those programs were selling were lies or false hope. When I signed up for the Muscle Hut & learned about the nutrition program that came with it, I was a bit nervous and excited all at the same time. But since doing it for some time now, I've come to realize that with proper effort and proper teaching my goals can be attainable. I need to work for it.

I think what I like most about the program is how easy it is to keep track of and follow my progress. The daily emails with new lessons keep me on track and I can go back and re-read old lessons. The daily lessons make sense and are easy to think about throughout the day as I make my food choices. When I start a new two week cycle of a new habit, it can be challenging at first but after a couple days it starts to become second nature. My daily routine has changed but I don't even notice it anymore - it's become a part of me as I place it as a priority. As I go grocery shopping I have a new mindset and my cart is filled with healthier choices. And the result of those choices is a healthier & happier me. Over the time I've been doing the nutrition program my body has become healthier; I've lost some weight, I have more energy overall, I eat better meals, I don't skip meals, and I hardly ever snack anymore. I now feel confident in the choices I'm making (and that to me is #1)."


"I came to Muscle Hut because they offered a metabolic kickstart class and thought "I need that". I didn't know what I was in for but it was the first step in a new journey for me! After the initial six weeks were finished I couldn't wait to sign up. I was very hesitant about working out in a group setting. For someone who struggles with self-image this was a big step for me. I was worried that the others in the group would be much more advanced than I was worried about how I would "measure up". Once I started attending regular classes it was clear that at the heart of the Muscle Hut was a spirit of encouragement.

I have more energy. I have seen my body fat decrease while my lean muscle mass increase; I feel stronger. I have always been a firm believer in physical activity having a positive impact on your mental health; like a cathartic release of pent up emotional energy. Feeling better mentally and physically leaks into different areas of your life; I feel more motivated and creative in taking on other projects (whether at home or at work).

I have learned that I am my own barrier to progress. I believe Henry Ford has been quoted "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." Coach Lisa recently got me to see that with a bit of knowledge, creativity, and determination you can push yourself further than you thought you could go. Attitude plays a big role in your journey.

My favourite thing about coming is the encouraging coaches; they help you every step of the way and want you to succeed. My least favourite thing about coming is fearing that the sled drag will be part of the finisher for that day's class.

I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need a safe and positive environment to push themselves to exceed all expectations of themselves. If you had asked me 7 months ago if I ever thought I could lift what I'm lifting now I would have said "no way" but here I am in the best shape of my life lifting weights and doing exercises that I never thought I'd ever be able to do!"


"I came to Muscle Hut because I needed motivation to put myself back on my list. I feel stronger. I stand different, walk different, sit different. I have way more endurance.

I think the mental benefits may be the best part. I have tried a lot of programs and it's always been clear exercise helps my mental health but I found the missing piece.. support and encouragement. Coming to the MH has given me more clarity in mind & soul through the atmosphere, support and encouragement of those who show up. People crave community and MH gives us a shared experience. While we strengthen our bodies we strengthen and sharpen our mind.

After my 3 month exposure I hesitated in sharing with my husband that I really wanted to make this work to continue.. he barely let me finish my "pitch" and only said "please don't stop going.. it's changing you from the inside." I don't take as much time in front of the mirror.. I don't scrutinize myself in the same way.. the physical game has changed for me.. that perfect thing I thought I needed to strive for. I have learned feeling comfortable in your own skin has way less to do with what I see in the mirror but a lot more to do with how I perceive myself. In fact it has less to do with emotions than I ever realized. I have learned that putting myself on the list is important. As a busy mom working full time from home it's easy to stay in PJ's all day and feel lethargic. Having something to look forward to that is for me has been key. The community I have found at MH was a surprise but something I really needed.. again working from home can keep me isolated and I am so thankful to have found friends who lift each other up. It's what we all crave. I used to say I was a work in progress and was reminded lately I am a working progress.

My favourite things...Community, Inspiration, Crushing goals. Lifting Heavy & Being lighter. I would recommend Muscle Hut to people who need motivation, encouragement, inspiration and those who need to put themselves back on their own list. What if every day were the perfect day to finally be exactly who you were always meant to be? What if everything you ever wanted was just on the other side of fear? Inside you there is a place to be happy, pure, simple and full of joy. Instead of perfection hold yourself to the highest standard of grace. That would be incredible. You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. Big truth."


"I came to Muscle Hut because I saw a Facebook post about a 6 week Metabolic kick starter program for women, I was totally intrigued. I knew I was unfit and overweight, but I wasn't doing anything about it . Sticking in a workout DVD had zero appeal to me and I knew things had to change.

My only hesitation in joining was my own insecurities. I had no desire to try to fit in to a 'cliquey' group of elite fitness pros or a group which looked at where I was starting at....and made me feel like I didn't belong. And then I joined the Muscle Hut.....and clearly all of my insecurities and preconceived ideas were tossed out the window! I was welcomed in by everyone - there were no judgements or cliques - just a ton of super friendly, encouraging and awesome people, who just wanted to do their best and support the people around them to do their very best as well!

The easiest and most objective way to talk about the physical benefits I've experienced would be to list the pounds I've lost...the inches I've lost.....the decrease in body fat %. All three of those things have been incredible and surprised even myself since starting in October. But then you wouldn't hear about everything that I have GAINED!! It's beyond just the numbers! I have gained strength. I have gained confidence. I have watched muscles appear and become defined. I have felt muscles that I didn't know even existed (the day after my first try at the ab wheel, I realized that those ab muscles actually extend all the way up to the sternum!!). My energy level has increased noticeably. My cardiovascular endurance has improved. I feel strong. I feel that the physical benefits I've been experiencing are direct a result of the mental changes that I've made. My view and opinion on physical fitness and health has changed completely. This is, without a doubt, a result of the nutritional coaching which started on Day 1 of the Kick Start program, and the education the coaches gave us which helped me understand WHY strength training was the foundation for increased metabolism and fat loss. This was definitely the game changer for me. It was a change in mentality towards food and a change in approach towards fat loss and muscle gain.

The biggest area of my life that has changed and improved since starting is what I eat. In the past, losing weight was about strictly reducing calories (and generally being HANGRY). The nutritional habit building that the coaches taught us, changed my perspective in a logical and sequential way. One habit at a time (and always understanding the science or the reasoning behind the habit), was being mastered before the next one was introduced. The best thing I've learned has been that this way of eating isn't a fad and it isn't for just a set amount of time. This is me now and this is for life. Long term means you aren't making sacrifices just for the next time. This is me now and this is for life. Long term means you aren't making sacrifices just for the next two weeks, or whatever it may be, but you are making good decisions that are sustainable and realistic for the long haul. That doesn't mean that I don't get to have all the treats or baking that I love to make, but I enjoy them and just try to be mindful of choices I'm making. I've had a couple of the "what the hell" weekends (you'll know what I'm talking about if you were at the recent nutritional evening!) so just remembering that I should enjoy the deliciousness of whatever it is, but knowing that the next day still counts....it's a clean slate, so don't throw the whole weekend out the window.

Another big change has been a craving and desire to strength train and simply increase physical activity in my day. It's also the little things.... when I'm looking for a parking spot, I'm automatically driving to the corners of the parking lot. Now, going on at least a couple of walks every week has become routine. When I go to a playground with my kids, I'm not watching from the side anymore.....the play structure has become like a giant agility/training course....with slides and rope ladders to climb up, bars to try chin ups or knee raises and so many other components just waiting to be reinvented into a 30 second activity.

I've learned that it's okay to invest in me. Being a mom to two boys, one with complex heart disease, working part time, and trying to keep everyone healthy and happy, means stress is part of my life. I've learned that investing into my own health and well being through training at the Muscle Hut benefits not only me, but the people who are close to me. I've found something that I LOVE to do! It's been a long time since I've allowed myself something - a passion, a hobby, if you want to call it that - that is my own!

I was concerned, initially, about the time commitment, but figured it would just be for six weeks, so I could do it. But now I wouldn't have it any other way. I actually wish I could go more!! The flexibility of having different class times throughout the day and evening to choose from gives so much freedom! And being able to switch times with just a click on the app makes it so very convenient!

My most favourite thing about coming is having the privilege of being trained by fantastic coaches. They are the absolute best!! I just have to show up.... they've got a plan, and for me, that is everything! I don't have to think about it!! The coaches at the Muscle Hut are incredible. What hits me time and time again is just how darn smart they are! These coaches know their stuff. They know what they are doing, and more importantly, they know why they are doing it. They know just what to say to get you through that last rep and to make sure you are engaging the right muscles. They are constantly checking to make sure you are safe and using the right form. They are the reason The Muscle Hut rocks! A downside of being a Muscle Hut enthusiast? Well, I have developed a persistent case of "Muscle Hut Envy": Anytime I'm driving past the Muscle Hut, on my way to get groceries, for example, and I see the lights on at the gym, I wish I was heading there instead of the grocery store.

I would recommend Muscle Hut to anyone who is ready to improve their health, who needs a boost to their confidence and their overall well being and wants to feel good in their own skin. It's for everyone, really! The endorphin rush is enough of a reason! This is a decision you will never regret."


"I needed a different gym experience. Coming from University, the big change of scenery really through my schedule for a loop and set my whole fitness regime in a tailspin. I heard what muscle hut did, about the constant and continued coaching and training in small numbers, It reminded me of the workouts I used to do when I was playing all the sports I did as a kid.

I wasn't sure how i could handle the rigid schedule. Not knowing if and when I'd be able to set aside that rigid of a period of time, seeing as I'm used to being able to walk in a workout when I could find the time. I decided that going earlier in the morning, really give my day a kickstart, was a good decision. The first little while it was tough to drag myself out of bed to get to the gym, but just this morning I nearly bounced out of bed to get ready in the morning.

I've honestly had huge strength gains. I remember moving my mini-fridge out of university and struggling with getting it onto the trolley and then into my car. A couple of weeks ago I picked it up and carried it up a flight of stairs without even changing my breath. My body, shape-wise, is just beginning to work through some major changes, but the strength I feel is there already, huge bounds in some aspects. I don't need to see inches coming off my waist or onto my biceps or quads to know that I am much stronger than I was 4 months ago.

Working out in the morning has really helped me to kick start my day, the big rush of energy and blood flow that early in the morning is a big wake-up call for me. I feel like the rest of my day is set up and ready to go. In school I used to rely pretty heavily on caffeine to help me out in the mornings, I felt like my 8:30 classes were the earliest thing in the world. Now the gym at 7 is like an espresso shot for my day.

I don't have the soreness in my body that I used to have, years of hard play in a variety of sports has really taken a toll on my feet, knees and shoulders. I don't get bothered by days when I just can't seem to loosen my shoulder, or when my knees ache going up and down stairs. Sometimes my muscles will have that really good aching feeling that says I broke down some muscle tissue to build it back up, but not from my joints.

I've learned about how to push myself, and what I need to do to to get myself set for pushing through barriers and getting over and past challenges. I also learned that I love to be a motivator, that being in the group workout sessions where I can push others to achieve something, and have people pushing me just by being there, that's the kind of situation I love to be in.

I knew i could afford to put an hour of time into a workout, that I wasn't pleased with the way my body was going. I just wasn't sure about how well I could fit that hour into my schedule, but now that I've ingrained my schedule to have three days of morning workouts, those three days have become days that I've got excited about, where I'll try and remember what strength workout the next day is going to be. My favourite thing about coming in is seeing how much I can challenge my body to do something it hasn't done before. My least favourite thing about coming in getting everything organized the night before. I just seem to always forget one thing.

I would recommend Muscle Hut to anyone who needs motivation, an energy boost, support and knowledge about fitness and safe way to lift weights. If you're at all interested in any sort of fitness improvement, and you've struggled to motivate yourself, or break through some fitness goals you've set for yourself, the Muscle Hut team is in it with you, and they care about every single one of their clients."

Group Class Member

"I came to Muscle Hut because I have a desk job and I don't get as much exercise as I need. I haven't worked out in more than 15 years and needed to get into shape.

My biggest hesitation was that I had no idea what I was doing and just working out with other people and then realizing how far behind I was. It was overcome by working out with other people and realizing that they are in the same boat as me!

I've been working out here for 8 months and have seen a big change. I am starting to fit into clothes I didn't think I could and have lost fat and inches, and have gained muscle. I'm not as stressed and am able to cope with challenges easier. I've noticed when we are on a hike or some other activity that I'm not as tired and enjoy it more.

I didn't think that I would enjoy working out this much! It's gratifying to see myself achieve a goal and then I work harder to reach the next goal. I didn't think that I would be able to fit it in to my day, but now that I have gotten into the habit of coming in early, it's a natural thing and I miss it when I don't!

My favourite thing is the fact that I can come in and the workout is ready. I don't have to think about or research what I should be doing and the fact that it's like an appointment and so that makes it easier in my mind to come."

Group Class Member

“Initially I was looking at something like weight watchers, but I didn't feel that diet alone would really take me to the level of health that I was desiring. I was impressed by the nutrition counselling and the idea of a workout program that catered to where I was at and was interested in my personal goals. I also had a friend who had been going and I was impressed by her positive opinion of Muscle Hut. I desired to be in an encouraging environment where I wasn't overwhelmed or intimidated by equipment and "experienced" gym members. I came to a realization that I could spend money on my health or eventually my sickness. Health is a lot more fun and reaps its own rewards. I am stronger over all. Because I have a sit down job, it is helping me to move and feel less back tension from the hours of computer work. I see the changes as my body loses the extra fat and gains leaner muscles. I am more confident in who I am and the shape of my body. I desire to be active with my kids and husband and working out puts me in their playing field. Nutrition training has been amazing. Maybe one of the tougher muscles to train is the brain! I see change and identify my "bad" or "lazy" habits to "good, healthy and life giving" habits. I’ve learned that I really enjoy this type of exercise and the challenge. I really like the formula and atmosphere. The idea of training as a group and having the plan ready for me is encouraging and motivating. My biggest struggle is just getting out of bed! Being a procrastinator. But that is why I like the idea of set up times to go. I know that when I get there I am going to get it done! I would recommend Muscle Hut to anyone who has a desire to invest in themselves. To get the whole picture of health and have the opportunity to learn in a controlled and encouraging environment and desire structure with proper training.”


“My experience has been so much more than I expected. I have been totally blown away by the immediate sense of “family” I experience with the women’s classes. We encourage, motivate, and cheer each other on and it’s such a positive atmosphere! The knowledge of the coaches is extensive and I’ve learned so much about training properly, the importance of lifting heavy, conditioning, and the imperative role that nutrition plays in getting results.

My endurance and strength have greatly improved. I feel my posture has changed for the better as well. Tone and definition have started to show and it’s a testimony of the work I’ve put in, and I’m really excited about that.

Getting a good workout in helps clear my head and makes me happier. There’s also nothing like the satisfaction of self-improvement that crushing a PR gives. I’ve realized that “I can tackle anything I set my mind to if I can put that same focus I use for that big lift towards any task I need to take on!

My work is incredibly physical. I used to struggle through the day and was so tired at the end of it. Now I can breeze through a workday, take on a tough workout, and still feel energetic by the end of the day! I’m also happy to be setting a good, healthy example for my kids.

I’ve learned I’m not afraid to try new things anymore. No one could have convinced me before I started training that I could do box jumps, or lift the amount of weight that I’ve been able to work up to. I am capable of so much more than my mind lets me believe, mentally and physically.

I have learned that fitness is so much more than working up a sweat. I never truly understood the importance of a healthy combination of strength training and nutrition before I started here. Both are so imperative to success. I’ve learned how to use food and train to help me meet my goals.

The new facility and equipment is amazing. The atmosphere is so accepting, motivating, and encouraging. And words cannot express how much I appreciate the coaching staff. The coaches are truly incredible, and are the best part of training at MH. They’ve taught me about nutrition, correct form for every lift, and proper stretching. It’s evident that they care about each and every person that comes through the door to work out with them. That positive energy and dedication to my success is humbling and I’m so proud to be a part of this gym family. It’s a complete unit including nutrition consults and personalized plans, challenging workouts, and a safe and fun environment.”


“My experience has been great. I’ve noticed fat loss and muscle gain. It has been excellent and for people like me, who don’t enjoy working out, The Muscle Hut really helps motivate.”


“My experience has been unexpected and amazing. I never thought I’d look forward to working out. I used to have muscle, joint and terrible back pain. There was a short adjustment phase after joining Muscle Hut but now I can say I’m basically pain free. My doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and I used to think that meant to not have pain I had to be careful or take it easy. I find it’s the opposite, the more I’m active the less pain I feel. I can be having the worst day and 1 hour of class can totally change my attitude! I’m sleeping better which helps me focus during the day. I have more confidence. Normal household tasks that used to be a challenge aren’t anymore. I’ve learned that I love lifting and new challenges. I used to think I wasn’t a people person, but maybe I just needed the right atmosphere! You’ve created a community where people are comfortable, you back that with knowledgable staff who support the clients and push them to their potential.”


“My experience has been great! My blood pressure is down. I am in a smaller size clothes and I am better able to do my job. And I can hit a golf ball further! I am more confident doing physical tasks. I am less tired after work so I am spending better time with my family. I’ve learned that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. It always shocks me what my body can do with proper training, nutrition, and motivation. I’ve always valued fitness and wellbeing but the big change has been the motivation to stay healthy so I can live a healthier life without injury or pain.”


“My experience at The Muscle Hut has been so good for me – 100% positive and more! Within my first 2 weeks I noticed a decrease in pain and I could walk down my stairs properly after having to walk down backwards for years due to so much pain. Some days I can almost run down the stairs! I am surprised how much better I feel mentally…before it felt like my head was in a “fog”; no ambition, but now my mind feels clearer and I feel motivated. It is such an amazing feeling to know that I am accomplishing something that is good for me! I am starting to understand the importance of nutrition and how it affects our bodies and exercise comes into it. Don’t wait to get into better shape – you’ll live a happier life! The coaches are wonderful and patient. They go over the exercise more if you need to until you feel better. They push you to do your best but not more than you can do. They all want the best for me and I feel that they really care. I walk out of there feeling tired but energized and always knowing I worked hard and it was fun! I would encourage anyone to come and try because it is so worth it! I plan on making the “Hut” a part of my life for a long time – come join us!”


“I love it! Each session is different so it’s never boring! Love the variety and the challenges of each class! I have definitely noticed that I am stronger than when I started and what was only 2 months ago. Can’t wait to see how much stronger and confident I will be in a year. When I leave I always feel positive about what I accomplished in the class. Feel good about myself for working out so hard and knowing that I actually am getting stronger. My eating habits have definitely improved since I started. I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I was. Also that I love weight training. Took it in high school and really disliked it. Love it now!“


“It’s fantastic! It’s hard, it’s fun, I’m pushed to train hard, but also Lisa is excellent at knowing my limits and comfort zone. I’m stronger, I lift more correctly, therefore less likely to hurt myself, losing fat, gaining muscle. Less aches and pains, more stamina, more physically balanced left to right. It helps me feel better about myself, improves my mood and helps me be more alert. I feel better about my body now. I’ve learned how much food affects how I feel (regarding energy level especially). I’ve also learned I can do more than I thought I could. I love the positive environment, the excellent training, and the results.”


“My experience has been great! I really enjoy myself each and every time! I feel stronger and tighter. I also feel better about myself, I’m more confident. I’m also happier and that benefits my family and all who are around me. I’ve learned that I am stronger than I think I am.”

Group Class Member

“My overall experience has been very good, it’s everything I would expect from having a fitness coach. I have had an increase in energy levels, strength, and some weight loss. I’ve learned I can do a lot if I stay focused. Fitness and wellbeing has become a higher priority for me over the last year. I would recommend The Muscle Hut – great coaching and guidance, friendly and professional. I’m looking forward to coming back.”


“I have truly enjoyed my time and experience The Muscle Hut provided me. Physically I feel stronger and have more stamina to train longer. I am also toned in most areas although I seem to weigh more it doesn’t bother me as I know muscles weighs more than fat and a toned body looks better than a flabby body!! I have gained so much confidence not only in myself and what I have accomplished but, I have a stronger inner strength I never knew I had. With the training I have had I feel better in my whole being. I love it!! I have overcome a lot of my shyness and am more outgoing in groups of people, I feel good about myself and who I am as a person. I have learned I am stronger that I give myself credit for and just have to push myself that extra bit further. I have always put a high value on fitness and wellbeing although since starting at The Muscle Hut I have definitely put more of a focus on being the best I can be as a person in both nutrition and fitness. As for a woman who has had kids or is not as physically fit as she would like to be, sometimes it can be very intimidating going into a gym and working out among all the “buff” and “physically fit” people. Starting at The Muscle Hut I felt I was one of those “unfit” people; I was unsure how to do strength training and was very nervous, Lisa made me feel very comfortable which encouraged me to go further. She has shown me nothing but a world of patience, compassion, and understanding as she would adjust my workouts to suit my needs; therefore, for anyone just starting out or unsure of the what, when and how’s of strength and conditioning I would recommend The Muscle Hut for that training and encouragement. Thank you for everything.”

Private Training Client

“This experience has been great. I’ve lost fat and gained lean muscle tone. I also feel much more confident in my appearance. I feel healthier. I’ve learned about healthier eating and how to balance my diet. I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I thought and capable of more than I would push myself normally. I do put a higher value on fitness and wellbeing than before I started. The staff are very friendly and very helpful!”

Private Training Client

“The athlete development program was wonderful. Staff was very respectful and caring. I experienced a lot of strengthening in my upper body as well as an increase in self confidence. I now put a higher value on strength and conditioning and how it relates to my sport performance. I would recommend this to other athletes.”

Athlete Development Participant

“I was very pleased with the overall training in the Athlete Development Program. I gained leg strength, had some weight loss, and improved core strength, of which all of these I needed. I also gained better focus for my sport performance. I learned that I need to commit and go hard to see results. I now put a higher value on strength and conditioning for my sport performance. I would recommend The Muscle Hut to other athletes for preparation purpose, or long term as well.”


“My experience at The Muscle Hut has been awesome, I’ve really enjoyed it, so glad I decided to do it. I’m stronger, have an increased appetite, and I’ve toned up. I am now happier and more confident. My eating habits have improved as I’ve learned how much my diet did affect my body. I’ve learned that I am capable of lifting heavier weights, that I can do it. Like your motto says: Guidance, Motivation, Results, it’s so true. And it all starts with yourself but having a trainer helps. Lisa is awesome, what a gift she has. She has a heart of gold! Strength and beauty, inside and out! Such an awesome experience!”


“My experience at The Muscle Hut has been awesome! I have experienced strength gains, better muscle definition, and fat loss. I also have an overall improvement with energy levels and I am sleeping better. I’ve also experienced less depression and an overall feeling of wellbeing. My everyday tasks and chores are easier now that I feel stronger. I have learned that I am way stronger than I thought and I actually enjoy weight training. Never thought I would say that. I now put a higher value on fitness and wellbeing. I would and do recommend The Muscle Hut to everyone I know. Weight training is life changing!”


“My overall experience at The Muscle Hut has been very good. From catering the sessions to my own work schedule to the one on one with trainer John. Excellent facility! I have experienced strength increases, as well as a reduced issue with overall feeling of body ache which until this point was there almost daily. I have also seen improvements with both physical and mental endurance for those long days and busy schedules. I’ve learned that even as one ages you can still get back in the game!”


“My overall experience in the Athlete Development Program was intense and challenging. I experienced overall strength gain and was able to realize how far I can actually push myself. I also learned the areas where I need improvement. I now put a higher value on strength and conditioning and how it relates to my sport performance. I got pushed hard and saw results. I’d recommend The Muscle Hut Athlete Development Program to other athletes because it works.”


“I feel stronger. I never thought that I’d be lifting weights on a bar EVER. My assumption was that you only did that to achieve the “bulky” look – so not true! Since beginning I’ve noticed toning in the butt and upper thighs, stronger arms and legs. I’ve also experienced better sleeps! Solid and restful. I’ve also become aware of making good choices in eating. Eating more regular small meals throughout the day. I’ve learned that I can challenge myself to push a little harder in weight training. Like I said, weight/strength training was never on my ‘to-do’ list and I’ve surprised myself on my efforts and that I enjoy doing it. I now put a higher value on fitness and wellbeing. I know that I need to do something for myself which makes me feel more confident and also sets a good example to my kids. I enjoy the Women’s Classes – the encouragement and community is inspiring and uplifting!”


“This has been an awesome experience. I have learned so much and have a greater understanding of how my body works and responds to diet/exercise. And my trainer is super. Super smart, super strong, super encouraging, and super motivating! I have experienced improved endurance and posture, increased energy and most of all a hugely increased strength throughout my whole body. I have a massive increase in my confidence (in the gym and out!) Going for it and the constant improvements I experience just makes me happy and so proud of my accomplishments. The physical workload at my job was the reason I came in, and my time here has DRASTICALLY improved my abilities and performance at work. I’ve learned that I’m way stronger than I thought. I can do anything I set my mind to, and I’m no longer afraid to try again, even if I fail on my first attempt. That’s pretty amazing. I now put a higher value on fitness and wellbeing. I had no idea the amount of detail I was missing from my nutrition, now I feel educated and confident in my ability to control and track my diet. Also, I learned first hand how what I put into my body as fuel directly affects it’s performance and energy level. Nothing beats educated, trained, motivating and friendly staff who are as invested in my performance and results as I am. Even with my schedule we could always make my sessions during the week work.”


“I enter The Muscle Hut before I start to train excited to train with Lisa! She is very ‘real’ and I love having her as a trainer! I leave The Muscle Hut feeling like a champ because of her! My arms, back, and legs have never looked better. I am 100% more stronger than I’ve ever been. Training at Muscle Hut has boosted my self confidence in anything I tackle. When I feel good about my body, strength, and health I’m a more positive person! This training has helped my duties at work considering my job is pretty physical. I have endless amounts of energy for my son who is incredibly busy. Happy baby = Happy mom! Lisa has shown me I am able to push myself through anything. I feel like a new person after my session at Muscle Hut. I would definitely recommend Muscle Hut, they are all ‘real’ and have a lot of science based information and methods. They are so supportive of their clients! And it shows! They always pay attention to their clients with admiration for their wellbeing!”


“My overall experience has been extremely positive! I always look forward to my session/class. I have lost inches all over my body and I am seeing some muscle!! My self confidence has gotten so much better. I don’t just see the negatives when I look in the mirror anymore. I feel stronger and healthier and I feel like I have more energy. I have learned that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and work hard. I now put a higher value on fitness and wellbeing because I realize how much better I feel! My experience at The Muscle Hut has been so positive and I want others to be able to have the same.”


“Since starting I feel stronger, have less joint pain, and more energy. I feel a lot better about myself. My trainer has pushed me to levels I thought I couldn’t attain, and I could. I put a higher value on fitness than I did before starting at The Muscle Hut, it’s very beneficial, especially for women 60 and over. Lisa is an excellent trainer. So encouraging and positive. She’s there for you to meet your needs and is very knowledgeable.”

Group Class Member

“My experience so far has been awesome! Extremely knowledgeable, motivational, professional, and caring coaches! I am much stronger and very aware of my mobility limitations. I’ve made friendships through The Muscle Hut to last a lifetime! At age 55, I am probably in the best shape of my life! I have always put a high value on fitness and wellbeing, but Muscle Hut pushes you to an even higher level which is a good thing! I would definitely recommend The Muscle Hut! Very high level of personalized service. They want only the very best for you. Cheering you on as you reach your goals!”