This is not a gym. This is a training facility.

The Muscle Hut is a Performance Centre serving members desiring to excel in life. We are different than your typical ‘gym’ because – we’re not a gym. Our structure is designed to fit the needs of the individual seeking more than average. Not settling for average requires the right equipment, expert coaching, accountability, motivation, and the ideal environment.

Our Performance Centre offers professionally coached programs–Class Memberships, Personal Training, Athlete Development and Remote Training. We provide sustainable habit based nutrition coaching and education. You get coached by expert fitness professionals who love what they do and who are honest, caring and get you results.

Our facility offers a variety of the best strength equipment and a playground of conditioning toys you won’t find anywhere else in the Pembina Valley.

We’ve created the perfect environment which breeds nothing but success. This is our passion, and you won’t regret joining our family.

We’re redefining fitness in the Pembina Valley.

“My experience has been great! My blood pressure is down. I am in a smaller size clothes and I am better able to do my job. And I can hit a golf ball further! I am more confident doing physical tasks. I am less tired after work so I am spending better time with my family. I’ve learned that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. It always shocks me what my body can do with proper training, nutrition, and motivation."

- Jan