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“My experience at The Muscle Hut has been so good for me – 100% positive and more! Within my first 2 weeks I noticed a decrease in pain and I could walk down my stairs properly after having to walk down backwards for years due to so much pain. Some days I can almost run down the stairs! I am surprised how much better I feel mentally…before it felt like my head was in a “fog”; no ambition, but now my mind feels clearer and I feel motivated. It is such an amazing feeling to know that I am accomplishing something that is good for me! I am starting to understand the importance of nutrition and how it affects our bodies and exercise comes into it. Don’t wait to get into better shape – you’ll live a happier life! The coaches are wonderful and patient. They go over the exercise more if you need to until you feel better. They push you to do your best but not more than you can do. They all want the best for me and I feel that they really care."

- Debbie


Head Strength Coach, Precision Nutrition Certified: Pn1, Olympic Weightlifting Performance Coach

I have had an interest in fitness for as long as I can remember, playing baseball in summer and hockey in winter as a kid growing up. At the age of 16, I started going to gym and lifting weights regularly. Shortly after that, I began training and competing in the sport of strongman…and haven’t looked back since! Strongman provides an opportunity to apply my training in a competitive atmosphere which constantly pushes me to train at a higher level.

Continuing my education is very important to me. I became certified through the Manitoba Fitness Council as a ‘Fitness Leader in Resistance Training’ in June, 2011 and graduated with my bachelors degree in psychology from the University of Manitoba in October, 2014. In June of 2016 I completed my Level 1 Precision Nutrition Certification.

The physical and mental health benefits that come from exercise are invaluable, particularly improved self-esteem and self-confidence; it brings me great joy to help people improve their lives through strength training and proper nutrition.

2016 – Harvest Festival Strongman
2016 – Manitoba Strongman Provincials 2nd place (heavy-weight division)
2016 – Morden Mighty Man Strongman
2016 – Wiliston, ND North Dakota’s Strongest Man 3rd place (pro division)
2016 – Thunder Bay Classic 2nd place (amateur division)
2015 – Harvest Festival Strongman 2nd place (light-weight division)
2015 – Rapid City, SD Rushmore State Strength Classic 5th place
2015 – Minneapolis, MN Allegiance Fitness Strongman 4th place
2015 – Wiliston, ND North Dakota’s Strongest Man 2nd place
2014 – Morden Mighty Man Strongman 4th place
2014 – Harvest Festival Strongman 5th place
2013 – Morden Mighty Man Strongman 6th place
2010 – Altona Strongman 4th place
2007 – Virden Strongman 3rd place


Strength & Fitness Coach, Movement & Mobility Specialist, Speed & Agility Specialist

In 2007 I got into weight lifting because I needed to get into better physical shape. It was soon after that I realized I had a lot of God given strength, and soon became hooked for life on strength training.

Over the years I have competed in many Strongman competitions in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, North Dakota and Minnesota. I’ve placed as high as 2nd in two competitions and placed 5th at Western Canada’s Strongest Man in 2009, just 3 points shy of competing for Canada’s Strongest Man on TSN.

Throughout my years of lifting I have always had a passion for helping others get into strength training, and felt God move me to became a certified personal trainer in 2015. My goal is to help everyone see the physical and mental benefits that only regular strength training can get you, as well as helping you become the best version of yourself that you can be!


Strength & Fitness Coach

I started out at the Muscle Hut in 2012 as a client looking for some strength and nutrition guidance and very quickly fell in love with everything the Muscle Hut represented and soon after, I felt lead to pursue a career in fitness.  I completed my Personal Training Certification in 2014 and coached a few clients out of a local gym for a few months before starting at the Muscle Hut as a coach in May of 2016.  I am currently working towards completing my Precision Nutrition Certification.

My whole life I had been involved in various sports.  As a teenager, I enjoyed playing baseball, basketball and volleyball, and now, as a mom of 3, I spend countless hours in hockey arenas and at baseball diamonds watching my kids love their sports.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing them active and learning how to be a part of a team.

I am truly grateful to be part of a team that genuinely desires to positively influence and encourage people to live healthy, balanced lives!


Strength & Fitness Coach

I have been interested in fitness for several years now, and had done multiple at home dvd programs. In 2015 I started training at the Muscle Hut feeling very nervous and unsure, because I had never been in a gym before. I quickly felt like a part of the community and saw major strength improvements through out my first year.

I had been overweight most of my life and made fun of for it, this crippled my self esteem and confidence. I want to help people who do not feel confident, to feel great about themselves and the effort they put in as they see their bodies transforming.


Strength & Fitness Coach

Coming Soon!


Strength & Fitness Coach, Movement & Mobility Specialist

In high school I decided to pursue a career in firefighting but lacked the physical fitness level to not only do the job but to pass the fitness tests to go to school for it. I joined a gym and self educated myself throughout a major transformation of fat loss and strength gain while succeeding at my dream of becoming a firefighter. I spent six years working as a professional Firefighter in Winnipeg and have over ten years experience in emergency services, currently still licensed as a Paramedic in rural Manitoba. It was during this time that I became further educated in fitness and nutrition, and began personal training others.

Realizing my passion in helping others find the benefits in fitness and seeing my clients exceed their goals in anything from physique to athletic performance, I left my career in firefighting to open my own training studio, and eventually the area’s first Performance Centre. Almost everyone thought I was crazy – but I’ve had a strong vision from day one to offer a facility and coaching team that provides quality lifestyle programs that make real changes in real peoples lives, in what can be an incredibly misleading, quick fix industry.

Driven by passion and an expanding knowledge base, I take a very open minded approach to each client as everyone has unique needs. I thoroughly enjoy learning and always have a course or book on the go, gaining any knowledge I can in order to be the best coach for any type of client that comes to us. I take huge pride in knowing our entire team is supporting everyone to become their best. We truly are redefining fitness in the Pembina Valley.