Redefining fitness in the Pembina Valley.

Our coaching team has a dynamic mix of elements that make up our culture:

Passion, Dedication, Purpose, Creativity, Balance, Courage, Support, and Open Minds.

We are a Performance Centre with a team of dedicated and passionate Strength & Fitness Coaches offering cutting edge Strength & Conditioning Classes, Personal Training, Athlete Development and Remote Training. Our facility is founded on a culture that provides a supportive environment which promotes positivity, self confidence, and scientifically based training and nutrition strategies for any fitness level to exceed your goals.

“Initially I was looking at something like weight watchers, but I didn't feel that diet alone would really take me to the level of health that I was desiring. I was impressed by the nutrition counselling and the idea of a workout program that catered to where I was at and was interested in my personal goals. I also had a friend who had been going and I was impressed by her positive opinion of Muscle Hut. I desired to be in an encouraging environment where I wasn't overwhelmed or intimidated by equipment and "experienced" gym members. "

- Susanne


Empower everyone through their own self confidence.

Confidence is at the root of everything someone does. It can be the difference between success and failure, being positive or negative, and feeling happy or sad.


Improve lives through efficient and enjoyable fitness and nutrition training.

Our success is measured through improving people’s lives, and those variables are different for each individual person. The collective success of all our individual clients entirely determines the success of our mission.


To deliver the un-gym experience.

Our environment was created to remove the stereotypes and hesitations that come with joining a gym, so that everyone can experience the mental and physical benefits.

Community Involvement

We proudly support local charitable organizations and community events throughout the Pembina Valley, as we strongly believe in building on the community minded spirit that already resonates throughout the region. We view community investments not simply as a responsibility, but as an essential component in building strong and healthy communities. Our community investment initiatives are driven by our vision to empower everyone through their own self confidence.

Big Brothers Big Sisters