Give Me What YOU Can

Written by Kurtis on

I’ve seen defeat too many times in the gym. That look of “I can’t”. Sometimes it’s lack of vision into your potential like I talked about in my last post. But all too often it’s because you see someone else doing more, doing it faster, doing it better. Compared to what though? Unless they’re doing more than THEY did last time, faster than THEY did last time, or better than THEY did last time – then they’re just stuck in a plateau. What are YOU doing?

Are YOU doing more? Are YOU doing it faster? Are YOU doing it better?

This is a game of YOU.

It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others. I will say though, one of my favourite things about our private facility is the environment that’s been created by our amazing team and awesome members. It’s an environment of encouragement, zero judgement, safety, and empowerment – no matter where YOU are in YOUR goals.

Sometimes my job as a coach is to teach you the technical aspects of what you’re doing, and sometimes it’s just to bring you back to where YOU are. To remind you how far you’ve come. Honestly, its one of my favourite things to do. I’ve had a client who had lost 70 lbs, stuck in a mental plateau about progress – when I got them to walk around our facility for 1 minute carrying a 70 lb dumbbell they realized how far they had come. And it was really far!

Here’s the thing – you’re going to be around people doing more, going faster, doing it better. This isn’t about them, it’s about YOU. In groups you’ll hear me say “Give me what YOU can” and I mean it!

Right now as I work with a large group – I’m inspired daily by the commitment of each individual, no matter where they are compared to others. Everyone shows up. Everyone does what they can. And everyone is moving forward!

This is a game of YOU – Give me what YOU can – And YOU can’t lose.

Get after it today!