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‘having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.’

We all have it.

Others will see more potential in you, than you do in yourself. I see it every day when you think you can’t lift that extra 5 pounds or go that extra 10 seconds. I know you can do it or I wouldn’t tell you to do it. But for some reason we all have that self doubt that kicks in telling us we can’t do it, it keeps us from our true potential. I see potential beyond what people see in themselves on a daily basis – and yet I still need to consciously work on seeing my own potential. It’s a skill that you can learn and develop over time.

Progressive challenging fitness opens your eyes to how much more you can do. It starts to eliminate self doubt, you start feeling victorious over all the daily wins you have by accomplishing more than you thought you could. You begin to realize your true potential in fitness, and this carries over into everyday life. Confidence rises, negative self talk starts to turn positive, you begin to realize you CAN do _________ .

So what’s keeping you from your true potential? How can you challenge yourself more? You have 18 weeks left in 2017. That’s a lot of time for progress, a lot of time to unleash your true potential. If you can’t see past where you currently are – talk to someone you trust and ask what they think you’re capable of. If your goals are fitness related – talk to a coach. Whether you’re a client of theirs or not, there’s no true coach who won’t spend some time chatting about your goals and offering some tips to move forward.

18 weeks. Potential. Get after it today!

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