Working Out Doesn’t Interest Me

Written by Kurtis on

Do you find yourself wondering why you would join a gym or a fitness program if you aren’t currently interested in working out? That is a completely normal feeling and one I can totally empathize with – that would be like me joining a class or program doing something I didn’t enjoy or wasn’t interested in – why would I do that?! Why would I spend my time and money doing something I had no interest in?!

Here’s the thing with fitness or ‘working out’ – nobody enjoys doing before they try it. Actually no one enjoys doing anything before they try it, how can you know? With most other hobbies though you generally have some type of interest or curiosity that gets you started. With exercise it’s just different – it’s work, it’s effort, it’s commitment.

What is there to enjoy about it or interest me in it? I get it, I see it daily.

So what should you be interested in? Well there’s a number of things that might interest you, things you’re curious about. Things like – confidence, mobility, strength, endurance, mental clarity. Great, those all sound really good but what do they really mean?

Let’s look at confidence – being confident spills over into every area of your life. It can be the difference between starting something or not, seizing opportunities or letting them slip by. Confidence is gained and grown through exercise because you begin to challenge yourself and accomplish things you didn’t realize you could. Small victories, compounded over and over create self esteem and confidence.

File 2017-02-01, 5 07 04 AMWhat about mobility? This means the ability to move in normal human movement patters like walking, sitting, standing, climbing stairs, crouching, all with pain free range of motion. No lingering aches and pains – you know those ones you get from sitting all day or that repetitive motion at work.

What about strength? Strength is the foundation of your ability to interact with the environment around you! Your environment can be objects you interact with by lifting, moving, pulling. Or it can be your own bodies ability to stand and sit. Every day tasks that you either take for granted or perhaps are challenging are all a reflection of your lack of, or abundance of strength.

What does endurance mean to me? Endurance is simply your ability to perform a task for an extended period of time. This could be something you do at work making you more productive and less tired, reducing aches and pains. Maybe it’s a recreation activity or sport that will become more enjoyable. It could also be keeping up with your kids or grandkids!

Lastly, what’s mental clarity and exercise all about? Try being in a bad mood, like genuinely bad mood after exercise. Exercise is key for mental health. Nobody has ever regretted a workout. That ‘feel good’ rush you get from a quality workout is unlike anything else and plays an integral role in your overall mental health and wellbeing.

2c8d63072b9fd910bba86b17baee0ee7So although working out itself isn’t currently an interest of yours – maybe some of these other health benefits do interest you. These things are all achieved through proper exercise – which once you get into it, actually gets kind of fun. Don’t focus on ‘working out’ and your lack of interest in that activity as the reason you choose not to get involved, focus on any of the benefits I mentioned and if there’s even one that interests you let’s chat. I’m on a personal mission to make sure everyone has the chance to experience it – you don’t have to like it, you don’t have to stick with it, you don’t need to do it at our facility or any of the other great local facilities, you can do it anywhere. What I will offer is a safe supportive and private environment in our fully coached facility where you can take a week or two and learn a few things about exercise with our team of coaches – no commitment, no cost, no questions asked – we just want to provide that boost you might need to get started, wherever that may take you! I’m personally available early mornings for some private sessions if groups aren’t your thing – all you need to do is ask – email hidden; JavaScript is required