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Do you find yourself saying ‘I keep buying takeout because I don’t have time to cook a meal at home’ or do you say ‘I’d love to start working out but I don’t have time’?  Over 90% of population seems to say this. Chances are if you took a long hard look at how you manage your time you probably would have plenty of time to ‘cook a healthy meal’ or ‘start working out’. Let’s break this down a little bit…

You have 7 days in a week. That is…

time management Dreamstime.com168 hours. Lets say you sleep average 8 hours a night. That will leave you with 112 hours. Now most people will work a 40 hour work week so that will still leave you with 72 hours. 72 hours per week for you to take little Johnny and Susie to sports practice, piano lessons, clean the house, clear the snow, etc. Within those hours you very easily could prepare all your food for the week. This would help eliminate having to spend 2 hours making supper and cleaning up after supper, and will also keep you from ordering take out, which in the long run saves you money! You also could get in 2 good solid workouts a week. Working out does not have to be a daunting task at all. All you need is 45 minutes twice a week and you can start to see some serious results shortly.  Working out should never take more than an hour to hour and a half max! And to top that off you will probably still end up with a few hours a week that you can watch TV and scroll your social media feeds.

It’s not a matter of “I don’t have time” – it’s a matter of how you use your time. We all have the same amount of time in a day to get stuff done but it is how we use it that keeps us saying I wish I had time for this, or I wish I had time for that.

If it is important to you – you’ll have time!