Youth Fitness

Written by Eric on

Youth fitness has steadily declined over the past decade and childhood obesity is at an all time high. Our younger generations are facing a severe and growing health crisis as they move away from physical activity and towards anything with a screen. Computer, television and electronic game screens have captivated our youth and fast food has become a staple in their diet.

File 2016-08-09, 2 42 34 PMThese and many other factors have decreased the health and fitness of our youth. What can parents do to promote fitness to their children? You need to lead by example. How much time are you spending watching TV? Cruising social media? And better yet, what are you eating? Your kids will pay real close attention to what you do so you need to set a positive example.

Weight bearing exercise is critical for the growth and development of a strong musculoskeletal system. Kids should be encouraged to engage in a wide variety of activities that challenge not only their body but their mind as well. For those who do not show an interest in organized sports – strength training, shooting hoops, throwing a football or baseball and swimming are great ways to improve their fitness and their self confidence.

Hectic schedules often force families to fast food restaurants to save time.  Weekly meal planning can help reduce this tendency. Crock pots and grills are great tools for healthy and quick meals. Choose the meals and prepare the ingredients ahead of time and keep them in food storage containers. Have your kids be responsible for some aspect of the meal and the clean up process. This should save time and money and bring the family together as well.